H&M and New Look come to Cluj!

How “ironic” is it that both brands chose the same date to launch shops in Cluj, in two different malls that are located in different parts of the city? Quite ironic, I would say. On September 15th, H&M comes to Iulius Mall, while New Look comes to Polus Center. The New Look launch is at 10 am, and they offer 150 shopping vouchers to the first fashionistas there. But then at 11, the H&M shop is open! The first hundred shoppers get vouchers, too! What is there to do in such a situation? My bike is not fast enough, neither are my shopping skills! Which event to attend? I mean, yeah, I’ve been waiting for H&M longer, but I’ve already seen their stuff. As for New Look, they seem to have some pretty neat stuff!

What would you choose? I’d love to hear your thoughts, and meanwhile, check out some pictures from the Bucharest store openings.

H&M in March. Pictures via Fashioninmyeyes.com

New Look in August. Pictures via TheHearabouts.blogspot.com

  • didi bv

    Dear Kittenhood,
    I will choose New Look, because H&M autumn colection I had seen recently in Brasov:and nothing impressed me!!!

  • H&M definitely! I’ve been waiting for them for ever! Have to be there!

  • such a big pr stunt.. can’t you use the voucher later that day?

    ps: no worries;)

    • I don’t think so, since I can’t be in the first 100 people in both places 🙂

  • Cinnamon

    Normally I would choose H&M, but I heard that tha launch in Bucharest wasn’t such a big deal so I don’t know…I would be kinda torn too 😉

  • you are lucky,cause you can choose!I`m from Baia Mare,so I can`t come.I can`t wait to move to Cluj to college.

  • elena

    well, depends on what u’re thinking to by..if you wanna by accesories, adorable shoes and bags:X:X definitely you should choose New look.If you wanna buy only clothes, chose H&M. Still, the autumn collection of H&M isn.t so “lovely” as i was hoping to be:( Anyway, wherever you choose, enjoy!!:D