Hello, May! Kittenhood

Hello, May!


Do you get that feeling that holidays are really fun to look forward to, ok to go through, and then instantly out of date? There’s nothing more boring than Christmas crafts in January. All through December? Exciting! Earlier than that? Sure, it might work for enthusiasts. But as soon as the new year hits, I don’t want to see any more of those jingle bells. The same for Easter – I feel like I’ve been collecting egg ideas since right after Valentine’s Day, and now I am more than overfed with them. Not that I don’t wanna see a bunny ever again, I always want to see bunnies, but just enough to want to take a break from searching holiday-related tutorials and handmade picks. Which brings me to this month’s theme: travel. I admit I don’t have anything planned, but one can wanderlust, can’t she? I’ll be seeking new adventures in this web corner of mine, as usual using the hashtag #ihavethisthingwithdiy to signal recognition and nod at fellow crafters. You’re always welcome to join! 

Best of April 

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DIY leather monstera earringsDIY Miffy decorations 

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DIY donut pin cushionMeet & green with Alice Dolls

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