Hello, July!

Hello, July - Kittenhood

I’ve been struggling with finding a new theme and the content to go with it for July. The end of the month rushed in with an empty editorial calendar. When I refashioned the blog back in October, I was full of ideas and energy, and I had just taken a short break from blogging, so it seemed like I could just post and post to infinity. Now that it’s been eight months, not so much. I guess you can call it blogger burnout; but I will try to work through it like a strong, independent blogger (wink). The only difference is that I will take it slow. This translates into posts about slow living, crafts that take patience, recipes that take time. Taking it slow can lead to beautiful results, and I encourage you to try it with me this month. Like an experiment. Share your experiences with the hashtag #ihavethisthingwithdiy wherever hashtags are socially acceptable (not the dinner table!) and check back often. Now let’s have a look at last month’s wrap-up (treat yo’self month!), shall we? 

Best of June

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Puyan’s wedding dress storyMy birthday outfit

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Interview with NadinooDIY cactus earrings 

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DIY cake pinataChocolate coconut biscuits recipe