Handmade finds: Rare Indeed

It’s been a while since I featured a handmade artist, so now would be as good a time as ever, right? Tiffany Hancock is based in Australia, and she uses shrink plastic for her line of quirky jewelry, Rare Indeed. She draws and colors fun pieces, like pencils, cameras, envelopes, cupcakes, and lots of other stuff that can be described in one word: cute.

Necklace; Earrings; Brooch

From this interview, I found that Tiffany has always being a creative person, which continued with her decision of creating jewelry for her to wear. From there, the path was easy: other people liked what she was wearing and soon she opened an Etsy shop. “To me handmade means creating something unique with love and care and putting it out into the world for someone to cherish,” she says.

What I love most about her jewelry is that they’re easy to wear, yet unique and attention-grabbing. Shrink plastic is definitely a material I’d like to work with someday.

Brooch; Necklace; Earrings

  • They are really adorable!

  • A.

    I like the rocket and the planet – it makes me thing of The Little Prince.
    Cool stuff!