Handmade finds: Kate Broughton

Kate Broughton is a designer based in Nottingham, U.K., and her Etsy shop is a display of great design and charming subjects. It includes paper goods, badges and pocket mirrors, temporary tattoos and nail transfers, tote bags and everything nice. “I grew up next to the river in a town called Otley in West Yorkshire where I did a lot of walking in woods, paddling in rivers, and birdwatching. This is where my love of wildlife began and since then it seems to have been a prevailing influence on my work,” she says on her site. Besides wildlife, you’ll notice other nature-related themes, such as gardening, picnics, bikes, camping, but also sweet indoors activities like crafts or tea (can I call tea an activity, please?). A pleasure to look at.


  1. I’ve been browsing her etsy and I’m in love with the bikes & owls nail transfers, and the owls badges, but everything is actually really pretty!