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Handmade finds: Holly Leonardson

Long before Polyvore, there were paper collages. Remember those? I’ve always loved making them, from newspaper pictures of 90s celebrities, to poetical abstract compositions. When I first saw a print by Holly Leonardson on Pinterest, it all came back to me. Childhood is a prominent theme in her work, so that might be why. “I like quiet and early mornings, befriending neighbourhood cats, fossicking through op-shops and antique stores, creating nice things, night walking, attempting to bake and taking photos as well as drawing, collage and embroidery,” goes her own description on Etsy. And you’ll see all of that in her collages, prints and brooches. Holly is from Australia and she’s also the person behind Pannikin, a cute jewelry shop that stole my heart.


  1. I love the collages – so cute & innocent! 🙂 and that’s a pretty sweet brooch, as well.


  2. I always loved to make collages when I went to school, I would cut thousands and thousands of inspiring images from newspapers, magazines and flyers, so these bring back lovely memories, apart from being incredibly pretty!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  3. So oldschool! Nice!

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