The handmade edit – rain wear

A few years ago, I was talking to someone about rain coats. You couldn’t find any! If they were in any way cute, they wouldn’t actually be waterproof. If they were indeed waterproof – which is the whole point – they were probably huge and unflattering. I quickly decided to start making my own, which I then undecided, because it takes effort. Finding good fabric. Sewing. All of that. It was too hard. Thank goodness for other, more talented people who make them so people like me can buy them. Such as: 

Karmology clinic rain coat Momuk rain jacket 
Polka dot rain coat by Karmology Clinic – Waterproof jacket by Momuk
Upcycling Deluxe rain coart Golden Ponies rain coat
Airbag raincoat by Upcycled Deluxe – Transparent rain coat by Golden Ponies 
Geucuce rain coat Nivule rain coat
Red coat by Geuguce – Gingham coat by Nivule