#kittenhoodstyle fashion challenge - guest post by Alive As AlwaysFashion to Any shirt (giveaway) // thrifted skirt (from Japan!) + loafers // Primark socks // Chanel bag (old)

Hello, fellow Kittenhood readers! How’ve you been? My name is Bivi and I’m from Indonesia, where I spend my time drawing or running my style blog Alive as Always. And I am so happy Daria’s asked me to fill in for her here while she visits Japan! Thanks for this opportunity, Daria 😉 For my part, I thought I’d introduce my rendition of this month’s #kittenhoodstyle challenge. You guys know what that is, right? If you don’t, then you can go here to see past challenges and what they’re all about. This month Daria and I worked together to bring you May’s #kittenhoodstyle.

#kittenhoodstyle fashion challenge - guest post by Alive As Always

First off, we both picked this really simple but cute look from The Sartorialist. I guess I was drawn to it since it’s an old-school preppy look – complete with the vintage briefcase! – and it’s something I could imagine myself wearing. The pop of colour from the polka dots and umbrella gives it a playful feel, thus saving it from being all too gloomy (what with the dreary weather in the background and all). Though her smile also does that. You know what they say, a smile is the best accessory.

#kittenhoodstyle fashion challenge - guest post by Alive As Always

But, if you know me, you know that I barely have solid color clothing items. Pattern is my passion. Yup! So instead of going with a solid-colored skirt, I went with a tartan one – I have two! And I chose this top cause, frankly, I don’t have anything else remotely similar to the polka dot shirt in the previous photo. It’s actually lucky that it still fits me, what with all the weight I’ve rapidly gained. Good thing I’m all for penny loafers and socks. But, obviously, I will take the playful up a notch and wear socks with a dash of patterns.

#kittenhoodstyle fashion challenge - guest post by Alive As Always #kittenhoodstyle fashion challenge - guest post by Alive As Always
I think the umbrella is also an accessory in this outfit so I decided to use one, even though it’s quite sunny here at the moment. There was a layer of fog hanging in the air a minute before but as soon as I took my camera out, it disappeared. This is just an old umbrella we happen to have lying around the house. I thought it would compliment the look but, you know, you decide. I hope you like this outfit and would be more intrigued to join in on the challenge. Because I, for one, really think it’s a fantastic idea and terrific way to widen your sartorial horizon. Let’s face it! It’s just so much fun!

Thanks for reading! If you like to see more of my outfits, please come by my blog and say hi!