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Guest post: illustrated muffin recipe

Andreea is the girl behind Chichiridiche Handmade and SkirtBike project. In 2010, her and her sister organized an event called “Skirt Bike” in Bucharest, which focused on the independence and empowerment that cycling can provide to all women, particularly those from backgrounds that wouldn’t ordinarily advocate such means of transport. Their event became national and expanded in ten other Romanian cities. The girls inspired other countries, like Greece, Portugal and Belgium (where Andreea lives now), to join their movement.

bike picnic love

I love baking and biking, and I usually prepare muffins for our bike picnic. Last weekend, I tried making some muffins with yogurt, lemon and berries. They are light, fluffy and perfect for summer – great for breakfast with a cup of coffee or an afternoon snack. A friend shared a strawberry muffin recipe on her blog, which was the base for this one, but I played around with the ingredients and made some modifications to make it over-the-top good!

Specially for Kittenhood (and thanks for inviting me to write this guest post) I painted my recipe, and here it is:




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