Guest post: free cat lady desktop

Here’s a little cat lady goodness from one of my favorite bloggers, Dani of High Walls. Visit her blog right away – I guarantee that her recipes are gonna leave you drooling and daydreaming, and you’ll find that her DIY ideas are pure inspiration!


Hello there, Kittenhood readers! I’m super excited to be keeping you company while Daria is away!

I know how much we all love our feline friends around here, so I thought what better way to display your love than on the one thing I know you can’t live without: your digital devices! Whether it’s your phone, your ipad or the very computer your reading this on, everything can be improved with a little bit of kitty love.

Because I love you guys so much, we even have each design in black and white – for your minimalist lovers (like me!) But also in a fun coloured version, for those of you looking for a little bit of POP!

Feel free to download one (or all) that takes you fancy – and display your cat lovin’ with pride!

desktop black & white // desktop coloured

iPad black & white // iPad coloured

iPhone4 black & white // iPhone4 coloured

iPhone5 black and white // iPhone5 coloured


Cat Wallpaper by High Walls - Kittenhood


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