DIY industrial style pendant light

Guest post: DIY industrial style pendant light

Today’s guest poster is Marlene. Check out her blog, Jade and Fern, where you’ll find tons of special DIYs to keep you inspired. What else? “Make, eat, travel, capture, party, share, and just plain enjoy life’s little pleasantries”. I know she’s got me convinced to go back for more!

DIY industrial style pendant light

Hello, Dear Kittenhood Readers! Daria asked me to come up with a fun project for you while she is busy in Berlin. Knowing how fashionable you all are, I though an industrial-style light fixture would be just the thing.

I love vintage industrial pendants, but because they are so trendy right now they can get crazy expensive. So for the DIY-ers out there, here’s how to make your own version on the cheap.
What You Need:
  • broken or undesired fan with a metal cage
  • cheap pendant lamp with a metal or plastic shade, that you don’t mind drilling into (such as the Ikea Foto)
  • galvanized steel wire
  • pliers
  • wire cutters or sharp utility knife
  • power drill and drill bits to make a 1/8″ or 3mm hole
  • a tall helper (optional but recommended for short gals like me)
What You Do:
Disassemble the old fan and remove the cage. It should have two halves—use the one with a hole large enough to fit a light bulb through. I chose to replace the cord on my lamp so I took that apart too, but this is totally optional.
Drill five small holes spaced evenly around the pendant shade, near the bottom edge. If your shade has a rim or lip like mine does, be sure to drill the holes up high enough so you don’t damage the rim. You can cut away any rough bits made by drilling using a utility knife.
DIY lamp
I decided to spray paint my lamp and fan, but the finish was damaged a bit while putting everything together. You’re smarter than me so you know to paint the light AFTER it’s assembled.
Cut five pieces of wire, 6″ or 15.5cm in length.
Flip the lamp and fan over (lamp on the bottom), and locate one of the holes you drilled. Bend one of the wires in half and loop it around a rung of the fan so that it’s lined up with the hole.
Industrial lamp
DIY industrial lamp
Now feed the two ends of the wire through the hole, going into the lamp. Make sure each wire end comes out on either side of a fan rung. Repeat this for all five holes on the lamp. While you’re doing this, be sure the keep the fan centered on top of the lamp shade. This is the trickiest part of the project!
Industrial lamp
Once all the wires are attached to the fan via the holes, twist the ends together to secure the fan to the lamp. Think of them as little wire twisty ties.
DIY lamp
To keep the fan centered, I tightened one wire, then tightened the wire opposite, until all five were tightened. It took a little finagling but I was able to get things lined up correctly.
Industrial style lamp
Industrial lamp
Turn the whole thing over and double-check that the fan is securely attached and centered. Your industrial-style light fixture is complete! Hang it somewhere to brighten your space and dazzle your visitors. I’m still looking for a tall helper to hang mine…
 Lamp with fan


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