Guest post: DIY Heart Beads Brooch

Cecilia is the lovely crafter and blogger behind Vixy Blue. She caught my eye as soon as she joined the “blogosphere”, with her adorable fox logo, her stunning photography and most photogenic striped cat. She accepted my offer to guest post while I’m away, so you can get a glimpse of her style:

diy beads heart brooch

I’m so happy Daria asked me to do a guest post, so I’m here on her blog… yayyy! I love all her DIY projects and I think one more won’t hurt! This heart brooch shows my love for pictures, for sweet outfits and for interesting craft projects, as you’re about to see!

I had a turquoise necklace and I don’t know what happened, but I found it all over my jeweley box. I love this color and I wanted to wear it again, so I gave it a new form. This is how the heart shaped brooch was born.
diy heart beads brooch
Materials you need:
  • Different sized beads and sand beads;
  • Felt;
  •  Scissors;
  •  Brooch pin;
  •  Thread and needle;

felt heart

felt pin

heart shaped pin

Let me tell you the simple steps I followed to to create a new accessory – one to match the scarf that was gifted to me by my husband. First of all, you need to cut a heart shape from your felt material. After that, sew the beads – no need for a sequence, just grab any size of beads, until you fill the heart shape. After that, use sand beads for a nice finished touch around the edge, using the brick stitch technique.  Sew the brooch pin on the back, and wear it with pride. That’s it!


  1. lovely, as always! 🙂

  2. As usual, gorgeous photos and wonderful ideas! Very nice tutorial plus I learned something new: a nice (and most useful) sewing technique – the brick stich!:D Thank you!

  3. Beautiful colors 🙂

  4. this brooch is amazing *_* i love this colour!

  5. lovely! love the photography as well!

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    This is a very cool idea that I’m going to have to try.

  10. Dorothy Idleman Blevins

    my family have a craft day every 2 months and I was in charge of a craft, I did the beaded heart broach . I chose a lt. blue with some smaller and larger beads and used darker large beads. very happy with it. We didn’t have much time as we did two crafts so We glued the beads on. thank you so much for the pattern. I loved making it.