Guest post: DIY cat toy

DIY cat toy

Cat owners know that these sly creatures are great at pulling at your heart strings; they’re also great at pulling all of the string out of everything they can get their claws into. Their love of scratching can lead to a great deal of destroyed cat toys. Why bother spending money time and time again on new toys when you can create your own with what you have lying around? Here is a simple cat toy made with repurposed t-shirts – or any old shirts for that matter – that will keep your cuddly, destructive critter from tearing out the couch stuffing.

How to make a cat toy

What you need:

  • Old t-shirt, dress shirt, etc.
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Dried catnip (the stronger the better)
  • Colored yarn (optional)

Homemade Cat Toy

DIY Pet Toy

Start by cutting out two rectangular pieces of the old shirt. One of the pieces should be larger in length and width than the other piece. Next, sew the long-end of each cut of cloth together. Roll the two connected pieces of cloth into a cylinder shape and sew the other sides together. Make sure you do a tight stitch or a double stitch to prevent the cat from tearing into the toy.  If there are words or an image you want to display on the outside of your cat’s toy make sure those sides are facing the same direction when sewing together the cylinder shape. Sew one of the openings of the cylinder shape together so the two pieces of have one small remaining opening.

Make a Cat Toy

Handmade Cat Toy

In the meantime, shred the remains of the t-shirt into strips. The opening in the toy is going to be stuffed with these strips and the dried catnip. Make sure you used dried catnip because if it’s fresh it can mold. You definitely don’t want kitty biting into that! Sew up the remaining opening of the toy to make a long, cylindrical cloth sac of dried catnip and cloth strips.

Optional: To add some flair to the toy – and some extra appeal for your cat to play with it – sew a tail of colored yarn on one of the ends. The yarn tail will give kitty something to grip onto when trying to get to the hypnotic catnip inside.

Finally, watch your cat enjoy their new homemade cat toy – complete with cat nip – with minimal impact on your wallet.

Cat Playing

Author Bio:
David Karalis is a freelance writer for Blooms Today, an online flower retailer specializing in cheap gift-wrapped flowers straight from the florist. David is an animal advocate and loves finding fun and simple ways for owners and pets to bond.