Guest post: DIY Cat Toe Shoes

DIY cat toe shoes | Kittenhood

Hi! I’m Kate and I blog at Scathingly Brilliant. For my guest post I’m doing a little DIY for all the cat ladies (myself included!) I love the cap-toe trend but I think cat-toes are even better, right? This project is super simple and only took me about 15 minutes tops!

cat toe shoes materials

Materials needed: Shoes (preferably plain with a round-toe and enough room at the front for a cap-toe effect), black paint, brushes, masking tape, white paint and a white marker pen if you don’t have a very steady hand with a brush.

how to make cat toe shoes

First, tape off the tops of the shoes. Really press hard on the tape so that none of your paint will seep through.
diy cat toe shoes
Paint the tops of the shoes black. I did three coats to get a really opaque color but I also wasn’t using the best acrylic paint lol. If you’re using a quality brand name paint one coat should do the trick!
diy cat shoes
When the paint is dry, peel off the tape and add little triangles for ears. You can use painters tape for this too if you aren’t good with freehand.
cat flats
For the eyes, I put a straight-pin in the eraser of a pencil to make a little dotting tool! Dip this lightly in the white paint, and add your eyes. If you mess up, you can always paint over it with black and try again 🙂 To make my cats have some more character, I went back and added a second little black dot in the corner of the white to give the illusion that the cats are looking off to the side.
paint cat shoes
Using an opaque white paint marker — or a fine brush and white paint — add whiskers and a nose!
DIY cat toe shoes | Kittenhood
And voila! Pretty little cat toe shoes. If you want a more subtle cat look, you can always skip the face and just have the ears, which would be cute too! You can also play around with the colors and maybe even paint a tail on the back of the shoe!


  1. These are way too cute..I’ve been in the market for cat flats and now I can make my own. Thanks for the idea!!

  2. what?! this is so super cute. awesome job!

  3. Crazy cute! Loving everything on Scathingly Brilliant, too- thanks for sharing!

    1. she’s one of my faves!

  4. Ooooh! These are cute and clever! I put acrylic paint dots on a (really) cheap pair of black brogues last year and sealed it with ModPodge which dries clear, albeit a little shiny. 🙂

  5. These shoes are so cute! I love cats and cat DIYs (I have 9 pages of them on my blog). I posted the top photo with a link back to Kittenhood on my blog.

  6. These are so cute 🙂 I think it would be cute with crazy bright colors too!!


  7. This are really great! But I just asked myself if I am too old for this…maybe this means I’m finally growing up!? Anyway, I love them!

  8. These are brilliant! They’re really simple but really effective.

  9. Oh, my gosh. These are precious. I’ll definitely have to try them out!

  10. Such a cute and easy DIY! I’m totally making these this weekend!

    My blog:

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  12. I love this – I will definitely be trying it soon 🙂

  13. Super jolie, j’adore ! 🙂

  14. This is such lovely give away *_* <3
    I need to make this on my own too !

  15. They’re so lovely and cute. 🙂 A purrrrfect weekend DIY.

  16. Your entire tutorial has been copied by the Russian blog second st here:

    1. thanks for noticing, Andrea! they did link back, however!

  17. So darn cute, Kate! I love it, I’m definitely saving this for later.

    1. I’ve painted the toes of my shoes before, and found that the paint just cracked when I wore them around, where the top (ball?) of the foot bends while walking! Have you worn them around yet and found any problems with this? or is the paint they far enough forward on the shoe to be okay?

  18. Oh I love these so! I need to make some ASAP! Kitty shoes! YAY!

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  20. These are fantastic! Just sent the link to my daughter – this is definitely something she would like to do 🙂 Katie B @ Minerva Collection – UK Handbags & Jewellery

  21. so cute! My friend would just LOVE these

  22. Seriously fantastic idea! Next pair of plain dolly shoes I buy, this is what I’ll do. Thanks for the tutorial

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  25. Hej there! Thanks for this cool DIY tipp. We definetly have the same addiction for cute things. I shared your article at my blog
    looking forward to more kitty things…best, antje

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  32. Love this idea, I made a pair myself using this tutorial and blogged about them with links back!

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  36. Hi! This was a really good idea. I tried it myself and linked your blog!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

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  42. This is genius! Love it, I’m going to try it as soon as I go get a cheap pair of flats from the store! Xx

  43. I just featured this adorable tutorial over at my blog, Little City Style!

  44. What do you suggest for sealing the paint without changing to look or creating cracking?

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  56. Loving this project!


  57. Doing this, but with my black flats! I used white paint as the head and ears, and black for the facial features, and I’m using pink for the inside ears to add a personal touch! 🙂 Thanks for the AMAZING tutorial!

  58. Such a cute idea. I love it!

  59. these are so adorable. Thanks for giving this tutorial. I will be making grey shoes with a black face to match our kitty. And black ones with a white face for my sister.