DIY crochet bike seat cover

Guest post: Crochet bike seat cover

Do you know Erika, aka Jasmin Blanc? I’ve always been an admirer of her work – she makes delicate ceramic beauties like no one else. And knowing her in person, I can also tell you that she’s delicate and lovely herself. Also, sweet enough to share a project with us while I’m in Berlin: a pretty bike seat cover.

Crochet bike seat cover

I made a seat cover for my bike, Cherry, a while ago and I thought it would be a nice project to share. It is really difficult to give a proper pattern, as there are probably dozens of different seat types out there, so I will try to guide you through crocheting your own and adjusting it to your own seat measurements.

How to make a bike seat cover

The instructions are written in US terms and the stitches used are: chain (ch), double crochet (dc), single crochet (sc). You will also need to know how to decrease a stitch.

Make a saddle cover

What you will need to do first of all is to make a pattern using the bicycle seat you are crocheting the cover for. Just draw the outline on a piece of paper.

Crochet bike seat

Then crochet a line of chains long enough to fit the wider part of the seat, and try to make a tight fit, because later your work will loosen anyway. Turn and start your first row of double crochets.

CrochetWhen crocheting in stripes, I like to change colors by tying only at the very first change. I never cut the yarn if I have to keep interchanging colors. I just pull the new color through the last loop at the end of the row, and start it from there, carefully placing the ball of yarn, which is not in use, out of my way. I do this because I find it a lot easier to simply hide these lines (on the wrong side), than weaving in every single cut end.

Bike seat crochetNow, gently continue on crocheting the dc stripes. To have your work in a semi-circle (should your seat demand this shape) try skipping a couple of stitches in the middle of your work. Also, always remember to work according to the pattern you drew after your bike’s seat and decrease whenever it is needed (remember to decrease on the sides and not in the middle of your rows).

Crochet cover

When you are done with the upper part of the cover, you will need to crochet another line of chains, long enough to fit almost around the entire outline of the seat. Then you will need to do about 4 rows of double crochet. When you are done, sew the two parts together, not forgetting to hide the interchanging yarn bits on the side.



Use elastic, a band or a piece of ribbon and thread it along the small spaces between double crochets in the last row. And your seat cover is ready to try out. Just place it on, tie it to your seat and ride away!

DIY crochet bike seat cover