Frances Baker, Autumn Winter 2012

Frances Baker is a small independent label from Australia, kept under the wing and creative mind of founder Josephine Frances. The pieces are handmade, eco-friendly and very practical, too. Although the look book I’m posting today is for the autumn-winter season, it’s the one in the Southern hemisphere, so we can just as well enjoy it now.

The look book is intimate, cozy, with glimpses of a bedroom, a library and a garden. The prints are very discreet, the colors are pale, the fabrics are mostly natural and there’s little accessorizing and layering. It’s basically a collection of pieces that you can wear everyday, or rather a wardrobe. My favorite is the Falling-Leaves dress, which just happens to be hand printed. I also love the collars and the knee socks, good friends of mine in spring and autumn.

The photographs are by Hannah Kelly, and the model is Kristen Eddy. All pictures are from the Francis Baker website.