This weekend I attended the 21st edition of Gala UAD, and it was probably my favorite one so far. The location was beautiful – the new and spacious multipurpose hall – the decor was minimalist and chic, while the young designers outdid themselves with creative mini collections. In case you’re not familiar with the event, select graduate students of fashion design present collections of 5-6 looks in a show that lasts a couple of hours. Speciality press, as well as family and friends, are present for the occasion, so it’s safe to say the pressure is pretty high. Moreover, there are prizes awarded to the best collections, which can be a decisive factor in kickstarting a career in fashion. 

Like I said, there were many eye-catching outfits and accessories on the catwalk. But these were my favorite ones, and I’ll surely keep my eye on these designers: 

Bianca Negrea
Gala UAD 2015

Bianca Negrea’s collection was one that everyone snapped and instagrammed. The designer proved (if anyone still needed proof) that black & white doesn’t have to be boring. The different textures, oversized accessories and the sparkly fringes made for a very interesting sight. 

Nadejda Iacubina
Gala UAD 2015

Nadejda Iacubina wowed me with the mix of natural and modern in her collection, including contrasting fabrics and neutral colors spiced up with gold. I absolutely loved the hair styling, which featured white wool strands, reminiscent of dreadlocks.

Sandra Selescu
Gala UAD 2015

Sandra Selescu’s collection was full of metallics and mesh, in a retro-futuristic aesthetic. The styling was great, with cool sunglasses and gray/white wigs. I also loved the transparent baubles carried as bags. 

Alina Morar
Gala UAD 2015

Alina Morar picked a risqué topic for her collection: the kitsch, controversial world of manele. There were golden chains, tapestries, pinstripes, and sliders, and the soundtrack was memorable. 

Ancuta Sarca
Gala UAD 2015

I can’t resist a collection with this much color, and Ancuta Sarca’s was probably the most colorful of the bunch. She used hand-painted rubber and plastic, and made her own shoes for the occasion. 

Magdalena Butnariu
Gala UAD 2015

Not only did Magdalena Butnariu design the beautifully layered outfits, but also the stunning backpacks to complete the looks. I wish you could see the transparent boxes filled with plants – they were real show stoppers! (found a snapshot here).

Andreea Castrase
Gala UAD 2015

Andreea Castrase’s laser cut lace-like details were the best way to finish the Gala. Paired with updated classics, the collection was elegant and edgy at the same time. 

All photos by Emil Costrut.