DIY Wool beads necklace @Kittenhood

DIY: Wool beads necklace

Wool beads necklace @Kittenhood

Wool is a winter thing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it in summer. Especially in the shape of a necklace. I had my first attempt at making wool beads, and I just had to share how simple it was.

Making wool beads with soap @Kittenhood

Woolen beads @Kittenhood

What you need (for making beads):

  • wool in desired colors (note: the orange wool pictures was dyed using onion leaves)
  • hot water
  • soap

In a bowl full of hot water, throw some soap scraps, and let them melt until the water becomes soapy. Meanwhile, roll together small tufts of wool, like you would a yarn ball. Once it starts shaping up, soak it in the hot water, and begin rolling it around in your palms, gently. Keep soaking and rolling. The whole process should last about 10 minutes, and towards the end you will feel the wool ball becoming harder and smaller. Once that’s done, rinse the wool ball and let it dry (which will take quite a while, so plan ahead!). If you want more beads of the same size, make sure you begin with equal amounts of wool.

Make a wool necklace @Kittenhood

What you need (for making the necklace):

  • wool beads
  • thread and needle
  • loop head pins
  • chain
  • clasp

Embroidered wool beads @Kittenhood

Embroider your beads if you want to, making anything from flowers to abstract patterns. Pierce each bead, from one side to the other, using a thick needle, to make room for the loop head pin. Link all the beads as well as come chain of your desired length, and close with a clasp.

Wool beads necklace @Kittenhood

DIY Wool beads necklace @Kittenhood