DIY tiny Christmas wreath


One fine day, a handle from my laundry basket fell off. It was perfectly round and pretty, so I saved it for today’s project: a Christmas wreath to hang by the door or anywhere in the house! It’s super easy and really tiny, and I decided to stick with a minimal design, but you can embellish it as you please!


What you need:

  • round base
  • tree branch – I used natural fir
  • scissors
  • green thread
  • ribbon


I cut a long piece of thread and began wrapping it around the base, placing small branches round and round. The cool thing about green thread is that you can only see it from up close! Once I was satisfied with how full the wreath was, I tied a golden ribbon in a bow at the upper part. Completed!


  • That is so cute and simple, I can try this with cardboard…

  • Mady T.

    love the DYI…so easy to make and perfect for the Holidays…


  • This is too cute! With a little name card attached, these would make great placecards for the dinner table.

    <3 Melissa

    • that’s a great idea! it would have to look quite cute!

  • A.

    that is so simple and beautiful! Thank for the idea!!