DIY shuttlecock lights garland | Kittenhood

DIY shuttlecock lights garland

DIY shuttlecock lights garland - Kittenhood

Have you ever noticed how badminton shuttlecocks look like little lamps? As soon as I found this resemblance, I knew what I wanted to turn mine into: a lights garland! Taken away from their usual (often tacky) Christmas context, lights garlands are wonderful for backyard parties and even to decorate the house. This project takes about half an hour of your time, and minimal supplies:

Make a lights garland - Kittenhood

What you need:

Deconstructed shuttlecock - Kittenhood Deconstructed shuttlecock - Kittenhood Deconstructed shuttlecock - Kittenhood Shuttlecock garland - Kittenhood

How to:

Start by taking off the soft cap of a shuttlecock. Make a hole through the top of the shuttlecock skirt, and pass a light through it. Place the soft cap back, and continue with the next shuttlecock. When each light has its own cover, your garland is done!

I like how the textured shadow on the wall looks like, and how the different colors project colorful light. What do you think?

DIY shuttlecock lights garland - Kittenhood DIY shuttlecock lights garland - Kittenhood DIY lights garland - Kittenhood


  • Maja


  • Wow! This is absolutely brilliant! Thanks for sharing 😀

  • It’s official! You’re some kind of a genius! I love this so much!!!!

  • Wow! Genius!

  • I never seen a rainbow coloured shuttlecock! Where did you get them? I love how the light passed through the shuttlecocks to create intricate shadow. It’s so pretty. This is a an amazing project!

    • Happy you like it! I found the coloured shuttlecocks in a cheap convenience store, and they came in a 6 piece set. You could also try Chinese/dollar stores and even the supermarket.

  • This is such a fun upcycled idea, pinned 🙂 I’d love it if you shared this over at The Makers link party going on at my blog right now, Hope to see you there and have a great day!

    ~Katie @ Upcycled Treasures

  • Wow!! I love so much!

  • This is such a genius idea! So perfect for summer time. I was going to invite you to come over and link up at The Makers as well, but I see Katie already has. Hope you will stop by. 🙂

  • Genius! The shuttlecocks make great lamp shades, so cute! Love the colorful shuttlecock!

  • Jc

    I love this it’s such a cool idea

  • Sara Simulator

    i love this idea! 🙂

  • Bea Behrens

    It’s an incredible nice idea!

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  • SJP

    What a quirky idea – I love it!

  • Very cool idea!

  • I’ve got the shuttlecocks gathered, but I’m having a hard time finding the lights – ones that are spaced well. Any leads? Thanks!

    • Hey Julie, these were from a primark set, with battery.

  • Janet Lewis

    Wow, I’m writing this about a year after everybody else! Anyway, I’ve moved into a new home and have been searrrching for some really nice lights for the back porch. I hadn’t found anything I liked until now.The lights are so pretty and unique. Thanks so much! I’ll be checking the stores for shuttlecocks!

    • So happy to hear that! Enjoy your new porch 🙂