DIY plastic animal decorations


Now that December is here, I’m officially in holiday mood. This means gift guides, wishlists, Christmas DIYs and holiday cheer for you blog readers! And the first is this DIY for tree ornaments, involving everyone’s favorite, plastic animals.


What you need:

  • plastic animals
  • golden paint and paintbrush (or the easier spray paint)
  • headpins
  • large needle that’s not vital in your crafts
  • golden ribbon



I heated a needle and used it to pierce the plastic animal. After multiple use, it got stuck in an animal 🙂 So be quick with it, and of course, extra careful. The headpin goes though that hole, with the pin at the “belly area”. I bended a loop at the other end, and then painted the entire thing gold. At the time, I didn’t have spray paint, which would have made it so much easier and would’ve covered the whole surface better and evenly. However, I kind of like the faded hue that turned out.





I let the toys dry completely, then I passed a piece of golden ribbon through the loop and tied the ends in a bow. This is how the animals will hang in the tree or wherever else you want. For now, I don’t have a tree, so I hung them to an apartment plant. They need to look pretty, too!





  • Ce dragalase sunt <3 As fura eu cateva de la asta mic al meu, dar mi-e ca se lasa cu scandal… 😀

  • Ahhh, yesterday I’ve been browsing the net to find flocked fawns, but it’s next to impossible, or at least impossible to me.
    These look so cute, they are really original!

  • these are so sweet! what a perfect diy for the holiday! 🙂 can’t wait to try this. they would be good gifts!

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  • ahhh I just thought of this exact same thing! how crazy!

  • Catherine

    Ah I love this tutorial! I had been thinking about spraying some plastic animals (my tree is silver & gold) but I wasn’t sure how to get them *on* the tree. This is perfect! I love the way you used gold ribbon, too.

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