DIY Mendl's tablecloth - Kittenhood

DIY Mendl’s tablecloth

DIY Mendl's tablecloth - Kittenhood

The Wes Anderson obsession continues. This time, I fell for the cute little car that delivers Mendl’s delicious confectionaries. Actually, it’s not even entirely a car, more like a tuktuk, as it only has two seats and three wheels and space to carry the goods. I wanted to do an iron on design on this square tablecloth for a long time and now the perfect occasion arose. What better way to serve tea or coffee than with some Grand Budapest Hotel memorabilia? I even made some faux Courtesans au Chocolat to go with it, and I hope you enjoy the results!

DIY Mendl's tablecloth - Kittenhood

What you need: 

  • white cotton tablecloth
  • iron on paper
  • free printable 
  • scissors
  • iron 

DIY Mendl's tablecloth - Kittenhood

Start by printing the file available above on A4 iron on paper. The file contains 8 x Mendl’s cars, so I printed it twice to get enough cars for the size of my tablecloth. Adapt depending on the size of your tablecloth. Cut out each car, leaving just a small border around it. 

Now it’s time to decide how you want to position the cars on the tablecloth. I opted for a border-style design, but you can also arrange them all over, at different angles. You might need to use a tape measure if you like symmetry and want your tablecloth to look impeccable. 

Following the instructions on your iron on paper, iron each car into place. Mine required placing it face down on the warm fabric and ironing on the highest setting, but yours might differ. Iron evenly until the paper sticks to the fabric completely. Repeat for all the other cars. Allow to cool and carefully peel off the backing paper. If the design comes off with it, you need to iron a little more. That’s it! Enjoy your Mendl’s tea party! Serving Courtesan au Chocolat is a must. 

DIY Mendl's tablecloth - Kittenhood DIY Mendl's tablecloth - Kittenhood DIY Mendl's tablecloth - Kittenhood

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