DIY leather monstera earrings - Kittenhood

DIY leather monstera earrings

DIY leather monstera earrings - Kittenhood

These past few years, monstera leaves have been crowned queens amongst all leaves. The ceremony was low-key but now they’re basically the Beyonce of house plants. What used to be a space filler at the post office is now all over interior design and fashion blogs. Naturally, there’s a way to tackle this trend the DIY way – and without killing any plants in the process. Since I’ve been known to kill even low-maintenance cacti, I can’t take the responsibility of growing a real-life monstera deliciosa. But I can definitely ‘grow’ my own monstera earrings, and so can you. 

DIY leather monstera earrings - Kittenhood

What you need:

  • small pieces of leather
  • scissors & thick needle
  • green paint (I used textile paint)
  • paintbrush
  • ear clips
  • strong glue

DIY leather monstera earrings - KittenhoodDIY leather monstera earrings - Kittenhood

How to:

Begin by cutting two rough heart shapes of the desired size. The best part about making monstera leaves is that they’re never symmetrical, so you can play around to get the best final shape. Use a sharp, thick needle to make those holes towards the middle of the leaves (I don’t know what they’re called, but some plants have them).

Next, soak the leather leaves in water, and shape them using your palm and fingers, to give them the concave, natural look of the real leaves. Let them dry, and continue by dyeing them green on both sides. Of course, if you use green leather in the first place, you can skip this step. I recommend making the suede side the front of the earrings, as paint adheres better on suede than leather. When the leaves are fully dry, glue the earring clips on the back and you’re done!

 DIY leather monstera earrings - Kittenhood

  • thehearabouts

    Haha, my parents used to have one of these plants, too :))

    Love the earrings, they are super adorable!


  • I admitted I was reading the title wrong (as monster earrings!) but these leaves earrings are really pretty 🙂

    • haha, monster earrings sound interesting, too! 🙂

  • these are amazing!
    ladies in navy

  • ce frumooooosi sunt!!!

  • you’re so creative <3 i also must try it !

    • thanks! these are really easy to make, so give it a try!

  • ah! so great! these are one of my favorite plants<3

  • Haha! This is so freakin rad!!!!

  • Fernanda Lelis Bauer

    In Brazil, we call this leaf “Adam’s Rippe”. 🙂