DIY Lace Necklace


A while back I made some lace necklaces that I’m still fond of. Since they’re not complicated at all, I decided to share the tutorial with you, so you can make your own. The shabby look of the lace makes them perfect for spring – and what else could I be doing now, if not dreaming about spring? Hope you enjoy this!


What you need:

  • a piece of lace (mine was cotton)
  • scraps of colorful chiffon (or another synthetic fabric)
  • clasp
  • 3 jump rings
  • chain
  • thread & needle or sewing machine
  • lighter or candle


I started by cutting a piece of lace to the size I wanted the necklace to be. Then I placed it on a slightly larger piece of chiffon, and stitched them together. I cut the excessive fabric and used a lighter to prevent the edges from fraying. This is why the fabric needs to be synthetic.




Next, I passed the jump rings through the two fabrics, one at every side. Added about 10 cm of chain to each, and finished with a clasp. You can make the necklace even more romantic by stitching beads or hanging a charm in the lower half!