DIY Lace Clay Pin

diy lace clay pin

I love the lacy look on ceramics – which is so trendy right now – and decided to try something similar at a smaller scale, and with a medium I have at hand: clay. So I made a lace clay pin, which looks just beautiful on spring blouses and jackets.

lace pin supplies

What you need:

  • lace
  • gold paint (optional)
  • strong glue
  • white clay (or another light color)
  • pin base




First thing, I made a soft ball of clay. To prevent fingerprints from appearing on the pin, I used a plastic bag, and squashed the ball into a circle. I carefully removed the bag from the upper part, laid a piece of lace, and put the plastic bag back, pressing the pattern into the clay. After removing the lace, I baked the clay in the oven, following the instructions on the package.



clay pin

Once the clay was cool, I painted some of the texture in gold. This could’ve been done before baking, if the paint allows it. Or, you can skip this step altogether. Finally, I glued a brooch base on the back, let it dry, and pinned it on my blazer!

lace clay pin