DIY: J.Crew inspired rope bracelet

DIY J. Crew inspired rope bracelet - Kittenhood

I saw these bracelets on the jewelry page of J.Crew and I couldn’t help noticing how easy they were to recreate. And at $65-70 a piece, I knew for sure I wasn’t gonna buy. I admit the kind of rope they used is prettier and the neon/gold insertions look really cool. But I could easily make my own with things I already had in the house, and the whole thing took less than 15 minutes! My bracelet is more delicate and more nautical than theirs, so I’m pretty satisfied. Oh, and can you imagine all the color options for these?


What you need:

  • piece of rope (length=size of your wrist x2)
  • carabiner (I used one from a purse)
  • two jump rings
  • lighter
  • string in two colors

DG000114 DG000115 DG000117 DG000118

How to:

Start with a piece of rope that’s twice the size of your wrist. Pass it through the jump rings and join the ends by burning them with a lighter. Pull each jump ring in an opposite direction, and attach the carabiner to one of them. Estimate the middle of the bracelet, and start wrapping two small segments in string, as pictured above. Using a contrasting color, wrap the center in string as well. Make small knots or simply cover up with string so it doesn’t slip. You can even use a drop of glue to make sure the string holds together. Make a bunch of these in various colors and wear them all summer long!