DIY geometric clay rings


How long has it been since I’ve used polymer clay (successfully)? Oh, perhaps too long. Sometimes I forget how versatile and fun clay is. This weekend I had some alone time with this old clay, and the results are pretty cool! I was inspired by this picture of unknown origin.


What you need:

  • clay in different colors
  • cutter
  • ring base
  • strong glue


I started by combining white and yellow clay, because I wanted a paler shade. Start by adding small pieces of the bright color, until you get something you like – Or you can skip this step entirely if you’ve got the right colors.




Once you’ve got the soft clay, roll in into balls and let it harden a bit (you can even put it in the fridge for a while). Next, use the cutter to create a base for the “stone”, and then continue to cut off curves, until each side is straight. You know, like a gemstone.


Bake the clay following the instructions on the package. Once it’s cold, just glue it to the ring base, and you’ve got yourself a cool geometric ring. Or two!