DIY French hen sweater

DIY French hen sweater | Kittenhood

You may or may have not noticed that I’m crazy about this J Crew French hen sweater. Since it’s out of my league, I decided to DIY one for myself. But because I don’t have knitting skills, I used felt. Here are the step by step instructions for your own French hen sweater:

What you need:

  • a plain sweater
  • felt (or better yet fleece!) in 2-3 colors – one large and the others tiny
  • paper and pencil
  • scissors
  • thick thread and needle
  • tailor’s chalk or old soap bar
  • (optional) sewing machine

First thing you need to do is trace the bird on a piece of paper. Then cut out the hen shape and pin it onto your larger piece of felt. Cut your felt hen and pin it to the sweater.

Sew the hen to the sweater, either by hand or by machine. Once you got that done, place the sweater on a flat surface and use a tailor’s chalk to trace the legs and wing of the hen. You can use thick thread to embroider them afterwards. I used white for the legs and black for the wing, for contrast.

Cut out an oval piece of felt in a different color and stitch it as a beret. Use a tiny triangular piece of felt for the beak. That’s it! Enjoy your J Crew knockoff!

DIY French hen sweater | Kittenhood