DIY fox shoes - Kittenhood

DIY fox shoes

DIY fox shoes - Kittenhood

I know you guys loved the DIY cat shoes, so when I saw these reddish-brown colored shoes I immediately thought: fox. I’ve been eying such foxy heels over on Modcloth and other quirky shops, so I decided to make my own in what took about half an hour. The only thing I didn’t think in advance was the glue – do use one that’s good for leather instead of a glue gun like I did! The latter tends to be very sensitive to friction, and since you’re going to wear your fox shoes all the time…

DIY fox shoes - Kittenhood

What you need:

  • fox colored shoes
  • scissors
  • leather
  • permanent marker
  • strong glue (for leather)

How to:

DIY fox shoes - Kittenhood DIY fox shoes - Kittenhood DIY fox shoes - Kittenhood

Begin by cutting four equal triangles out of leather – the ears. Follow with two circle halves, which will become the noses. Make sure they’re proportionate in size and that you place them symmetrically before you glue them – which is the next step. Once you’re done with the leather pieces, use a marker to draw the eyes. And that’s that!

But beware, your feline friend may not be as excited about the new critters in the house – see below.


  • These are so cute, such a fun idea!

  • I think I hate you now, I hate your amazing DIY skills! O_O I love these shoes, so cute!!!!

    • oh no! I promise they’re super easy to make 😀