DIY Faux Fur Hat | Kittenhood

DIY faux fur hat

 DIY Faux Fur Hat | Kittenhood

One vivid smell from my childhood is that of my mom’s fur hat coming from the winter cold. It’s a scent I often remember when I smell my cat right after she comes inside, and it’s fresh and comforting. I don’t own any fur items (except for this; cat doesn’t count), but I do like the look of it on collars, hats and sometimes coats. Long story short, I bought some faux fur and visualized making this hat in my mind. Turns out – it’s not that difficult to make!

DIY Faux Fur Hat | Kittenhood

What you need:

  • faux fur
  • scissors
  • fabric for lining
  • measuring tape
  • sewing machine

DIY Faux Fur Hat | KittenhoodDIY Faux Fur Hat | Kittenhood DIY Faux Fur Hat | Kittenhood

DIY faux fur hat:

Measure the circumference of your head, add 1-2 cm seam allowance and write it down (mine was 56). Cut a piece of fur with the length equal to that number, and the width of 12 cm.

To make the top of the hat, you need a fur circle. The diameter of this circle is the number you wrote down divided by π (3.14). In my case, this was 56/3.14=17.83. Add an extra 3-4 cm seam allowance, and cut your circle.

Use the same measurements to cut the lining fabric.

DIY Faux Fur Hat | Kittenhood DIY Faux Fur Hat | Kittenhood DIY Faux Fur Hat | Kittenhood DIY Faux Fur Hat | Kittenhood

Stitch the fur rectangle to the fur circle, on the wrong side of the fabric, all around. Then stitch the ends of the rectangle together. Do the same for the lining, and you get a lining hat.

With the fur hat and the lining on the wrong side of the fabric, stitch them together almost all around, leaving 5-6 cm open. Turn the whole hat on the right side through that hole, and stitch the remaining piece by hand.

DIY Faux Fur Hat | KittenhoodDIY Faux Fur Hat | Kittenhood

  • wardrobeconversations

    Ooohh I really want to try this out! Hx

  • So Russian! 😀 I freaking love it! ^_^ You’re so talented!

  • I already so a tutorial to make a hat like this, but yours it’s way simplier and beautiful! Gonna try it!

    • I’m so happy to hear that! It was really easy to make, honestly.

  • chiar iti sta bine cu orice hat tie! 😉 o sa incerc si eu o data sa imi fac una.

    • mersi <3 sunt sigura ca ti-ar sta bine, cu parul tau lung si drept!

  • Wow, that hat looks great!

  • themerrythought

    So cute! Love this!!

  • Very cute! Not sure it would look as cute on me, but I might have to give it a try!

  • Marye Charlier

    merci bc

  • Kirstin Clauson

    I am having trouble sewing the circle piece to the rectangle (at least with the faux fur, haven’t tried the felt yet). It seems super hard!! Is there any trick or method for doing it??! Many thanks!!! Love this hat, and so thankful you’ve shared it!!

    • Hi Kirstin, what type of faux fur are you using? The one I had was really soft and sewing it was not an issue. Maybe you can try doing it by hand? And then just sew the felt by machine?

      • Kirstin Clauson

        Thanks, Daria! I am using super soft faux fur too- looks quite similar to the one in the pictures. I think I am just a pretty new sewer so don’t know a lot of techniques . I was thinking the same by hand. Thanks!!