DIY leather bracelet with embroidery @Kittenhood

DIY: embroidery leather bracelet

DIY embroidery leather bracelet @Kittenhood

I have to say, my creative wheels are not easy to turn after being away from home for almost a month (I guess I function best in my own space). So finding an idea for a DIY was particularly hard this week, until I ran into these Maria Rudman bracelets, retailing at $200-400 a piece. That’s absurd in my book, so I decided to try and make something similar. Not a knockoff though – there’s not that much of a resemblance between the two – but just an embroidered leather bracelet.

What you need to make an embroidered leather bracelet @Kittenhood

What you need:

  • embroidered band
  • soft leather
  • thread and needle
  • button
  • scissors

How to make an embroiderd leather bracelet @Kittenhood

Embroidered bracelet DIY @Kittenhood

I had this embroidery from this winter (when the days are short and the embroidery hoop is out), so I decided to finally use it for something. You can use something store-bought, or you can customize a piece of fabric as you like. I cut a piece of leather that was wider than the embroidery, and a little longer than the size of my wrist. Then I simply stitched one to the other, hiding my stitches. You can choose to glue it if you hate stitching – just make sure the glue is not strong enough to show on the good side of the fabric.

How to close a bracelet @Kittenhood

Leather bracelet with button @Kittenhood

Embroidered leather bracelet @Kittenhood

After making size adjustments as needed, I stitched a button on one side of the bracelet, and a buttonhole on the other, using a small leather scrap I got from cutting the bracelet. Couldn’t be easier! If I were to change something, though, it would be stitching in more contrasting colors – white thread on a mint canvas wasn’t necessarily the best idea, although you can see it better in real life than in the pics.

DIY leather bracelet with embroidery @Kittenhood