DIY donut pin cushion

DIY donut pin cushion - Kittenhood

Growing up with a dressmaker grandmother, I was crazy about sewing from a very young age. Maybe that sounds weird, but I was actually crazy about it! I was probably spending more time making clothes for my dolls than I was playing with them. I had more than enough fabric scraps at hand and all the necessary tools (including the very same scissors from these photos). On the side, I was also producing a lot of pin cushions, more than my grandmother could use, but which I found very fulfilling. They were always velvet on top and another fabric on the bottom, square-shaped, filled with scraps. Velvet frays easily and my 6-year-old craftsmanship was lacking, so they weren’t much good. But, somehow, weirdly, subconsciously, they did lead me to the donut-shaped version of today!

DIY donut pin cushion - Kittenhood

What you need: 

  • beige/off white felt
  • pink felt
  • matching thread
  • sewing needle
  • scissors
  • pencil or tailor’s chalk 
  • filling (I used wool) 
  • colorful ball head pins

DIY donut pin cushion - Kittenhood

DIY donut pin cushion

Start by drawing two circles on the beige felt and one on the pink felt, all in the same size. To do this, use a mug or another round shape and trace around it with a pencil. Make a smaller circle in the middle of each existing circle, using e.g. a bottle top. Cut the beige circles to get two felt rings. 

Place the beige rings right sides together and stitch them together around the long side, as shown in the photos above. Sew all around, then turn inside out. Start sewing the rings together around the middle circle, a little more than halfway through. Set the needle aside for a moment and start filling your donut with wool. Push it in with your pinky finger or a pencil. Add a few more stitches, then more filling, and repeat until the donut is packed with filling and you close the circle. 

Take the pink piece of fabric you cut out and adjust the edges to suggest glazing. Cut the central circle a little smaller than you did for the beige parts. 

Switch to pink thread. Place the pink circle over the beige donut and sew them together at the middle. Then you can move on to the exterior part, making sure the pink felt is well-stretched and doesn’t crease over the donut. 

Push in your colorful ball head pins to act as sprinkles and you’ve got yourself a donut! 

DIY donut pin cushion - Kittenhood DIY donut pin cushion - Kittenhood

  • Patricia Rodriguez

    Simple , easy & beautiful!!!
    Thank You for this lovely idea…. I can make it with all different flavors 😉

    • Good idea to mix up the colors! 🙂 Glad you like the donut!