DIY deer hair pins | Kittenhood

DIY deer hair pins

DIY deer hair pins | Kittenhood

This is probably the easiest DIY project ever. I’m not even kidding – instructions are redundant. However, I won’t leave you guessing and I’ll break this down so that anyone can make it. In my opinion, these hair pins are great for wearing this time of the year – the wood texture looks warm, and deers are kind of the star animal of the season, aren’t they?

How to make deer hair pins | Kittenhood

What you need:

  • wooden deers
  • bobby pins
  • glue (gun)

How to make deer hair pins | Kittenhood How to make deer hair pins | Kittenhood


Apply glue on one side of the wooden deer and place it on a straight surface. Gently press the hair pin on the glue and hold until it sticks. Done!


  • We’re used to wearing bobby pins with the curly side up, but they actually hold better with the straight side up. Remember this when you glue your decorations!
  • If you have soft hair and bobby pins don’t do their jobs right, spray them with a little hairspray before pinning. They’ll hold all day!
  • Make the pins more festive by adding a red dot where the (rein)deer’s nose would be.
  • Dip the deers in glitter or gold spray paint them if wood is not your thing.
  • Thais

    I was liking the idea of the pins just because of how quaint they look, but then the bead/paint at the red nose … A perfect little accessory for all the christmas parties coming up! 🙂

  • Instructions unclear, glued deer to nose. Won’t try this again. Rated: 1 out of 10…

    • oh, no! at least you’re gonna look festive all season…

  • Those are so lovely!

  • Elaine Williams

    Yes, would be great fun BUT where do you purchase the deer??? Ty Elai e

    • I found them at the craft store, but you can check etsy!