DIY Constellation Eggs | Kittenhood

DIY Constellation Eggs

DIY Constellation Eggs | Kittenhood

I had this brilliant idea to make constellation eggs, but I had to try a few methods before succeeding with this one. I wanted to dye the eggs naturally, using blueberries, but they only made my eggs purple (after soaking them for over 24 hours). That did not look good. So store-bought egg dye it is! I tried using stickers on the boiled egg to mask certain spots and dye them afterward but they turned out rather shabby. And by the way, don’t try to boil stickers like I naively did – they will fall right off. So here’s the easiest, most efficient version, using sharpies: 

White eggs | Kittenhood

What you need: 

  • eggs (preferably white)
  • blue egg dye
  • metallic sharpies 

Blue Eggs | KittenhoodConstellation Eggs | Kittenhood

DIY constellation eggs

Begin by hard boiling your eggs and degreasing them. Dye them blue, according to the instructions on the package (for me, that meant mixing the dye powder with hot water and vinegar). Soak the eggs in the dye longer for a more intense color. Let them dry on a paper towel. I love how mine turned out a little speckled, like there were even more tiny stars in the background.

Next, use your sharpies to draw constellations. Make the dots first, then unite them with thinner lines. I invented most of the constellations based on Ursa minor & major but you can do one better and customize them with zodiac signs or whatever else suits your fancy. 

Constellation Easter Eggs | Kittenhood Constellation Easter Eggs | Kittenhood

  • What a wonderful idea! Pinning this! ahh what constellation to draw? I bet wax would work but the pens seems much easier!

    • I didn’t even think about wax, great idea! But yeah, pens are very easy and precise.

  • I really love this idea! Beautiful!

  • Victoria

    What do you mean by de-greasing the eggs?

    • Hi Victoria, just wash them a little before you dye them, using dish soap if necessary. Hope this helps!

  • Awesome idea! And that table/tea cloth is so pretty 😀

  • This looks awesome! With Easter just around the corner what a great inspirational idea!

  • Super cute!! 🙂

  • what a cool idea!!

  • Best idea for easter eggs I’ve seen this year – they’re great! 🙂

    • I’m happy to hear that! How are you dyeing your eggs this year?

  • Ohhhh!!! I am in love with these beauties! All the heart eyes!!!

    • That’s so sweet, I’m glad you like them!