DIY citrus candles | Kittenhood

[DIY] citrus candles

DIY citrus candles | Kittenhood

Making candles is one of those addictive crafts that leaves you with a house full of… well, candles! Citrus candles have probably been made before – but they’re so perfect for this season, I couldn’t help myself. This is my version – poured in tiny clementines and scented with vanilla, so they smell like winter baking. And bonus points: you get to eat all the fruit you used.

Clementine candles | Kittenhood

What you need:

  • citrus of choice (I used clementines)
  • kitchen knife
  • wax (can be from other candles)
  • wicks (tutorial on how to make your own here)
  • sticks
  • glass jar
  • (optional) essential oil


Clementine candles | Kittenhood

1. Dent the peel of the citrus fruit all around with a knife, then slowly remove it from the fruit to get a perfect semi-sphere. Set aside.

2. Cut the wax into small pieces and place it in a jar. Put the jar in a pot with hot water, not allowing any water inside the jar.

Clementine candles | Kittenhood

3. Meanwhile, set the wicks into the citrus peel, propped with sticks as pictured.

4. When the wax is melted, add a few drops of winter-smelling essential oil. I used vanilla.

Clementine candles | Kittenhood Clementine candles | Kittenhood DIY citrus candles | Kittenhood

5. Pour the wax slowly into the citrus peels, making sure the wick holds still. Allow to cool completely before removing the sticks.

DIY citrus candles | Kittenhood


  1. They’re beautiful little things.

  2. How long do these keep? Do you have to burn them right away?

    1. I’ve only made them a few days ago, but I think they should keep nicely. You can try to dry the peels completely before pouring the wax, but that might change the overall look.

  3. I bet this smells like God… *_* I’m defo gonna try it!!!!

    1. yes! vanilla is my fave scent. let me know if you try!

  4. Looks cute! Thanks for the picture detailed description!