DIY cake pinata - Kittenhood

DIY cake pinata

DIY cake pinata - Kittenhood

It’s not easy to find a piñata that hasn’t already been done! I wanted something festive and party-ready and, if I’m being honest, pink. So I decided on a “strawberry cake” piñata, and I’ll share the steps of making it with you. The process may sound intimidating at first – all those layers of crepe paper aren’t going to glue themselves! But this was actually easier than I thought, and really fun. Because it’s super fluffy. And pink. And it holds candy…

DIY cake pinata - Kittenhood

What you need:

  • paper and pencil
  • crepe paper in pink and white 
  • cardboard (from recycled boxes)
  • scissors
  • paper glue
  • paper tape
  • cutter 
  • string + thick needle 
  • candy

DIY cake pinata - Kittenhood

On a piece of paper, draw a circle the size you want your piñata to be, and divide it into “slices”. Cut out the circle. Then cut out one of the slices. Transfer this pattern to two pieces of cardboard, and cut them out. 

To make the sides, you will need one or more long pieces of cardboard, as wide as the height of the cake. Start taping the sides to the bottom of the cake, using paper tape, as pictured above. I recommend using paper instead of plastic tape because it will be easier to break when you want to take out the candy. Tape all around the rounded sides, then use two smaller pieces for the “missing slice”. Turn upside down and repeat to tape the top of the cake to the sides. 

Cut lots of strips of crepe paper, circa 3-4 cm wide. Don’t worry about making them equal in size, it won’t really show. I used a roll of pink paper plus about one-quarter roll more. Now take a strip of paper and fold it several times. Fringe it on one side using scissors (or fringe scissors if you have them). Repeat until you have lots of fringed strips ready. 

Starting from the bottom, glue a strip of fringed paper all around the cake. Place the next one immediately on top and repeat until you cover the sides of the cake (except the missing slice). For the missing slice, you will alternate pink and white strips of crepe paper to create the impression of a cream filling. 

Move on to the bottom side of the cake and glue strips of paper, making sure to cut the sides nicely to keep the rounded shape. Before you start working on the top of the cake, cut a triangle shape using a cutter and fill up the box with candy through the opening. Then thread a thick needle and knot the ends. Pierce the middle of the cake from the inside out, leave a long loop of wool, then pierce back inside and knot. Tape the triangle opening shut, and cover the entire area with fringed strips as before. That’s it! This project might take a couple of hours to complete but it’s really rewarding (and all the party people will appreciate the outcome!). 

DIY cake pinata - Kittenhood

  • Pat S

    I thought you were making a cake to eat, lol. I have a recipe for an edible pinata cake. This is cute and that is a really pretty photo of you.

  • This is genius! xo

    • So glad you like it, Kailey! It’s just your shade of pink, isn’t it? 😀