DIY breakfast tray - Kittenhood

DIY breakfast tray

DIY breakfast tray - Kittenhood

I’ve been flirting with this idea for a while: turning a wooden vegetable crate into a breakfast-in-bed tray. It could have something to do with my love for breakfast food and the luxurious idea of serving it in bed. But I also found that wooden crates are often used in fall crafts, given their rustic look and feel.

Staring at the back of this crate for inspiration, I realized it had nine even spaces, and I decided to fill each one in with a letter. I wanted to do “bon appetit”, but that would’ve meant skipping a letter. Then I wanted to spell the same thing in Romanian, “pofta buna”, but there was the case of the diacritics and spaces and what not. And then it hit me: breakfast! This was the whole purpose after all, so breakfast I did.

DIY breakfast tray - Kittenhood

What you need:

  • wooden crate (with relatively tall legs)
  • letter stencils or paper + pencil + font + scissors
  • paint + paintbrush
  • tape

DIY breakfast tray - KittenhoodDIY breakfast tray - KittenhoodDIY breakfast tray - Kittenhood

If you don’t have any large letter stencils, make your own with a computer, paper, and scissors. I used Photoshop and a font that looks like it belongs on a crate (available for free: Stencil Std). I made the letters big enough for the size of the boards and copied them on white paper. You can also print out and use this file. I cut the inside parts of the letters and taped them into place. I painted the letters, let them dry and peeled off the stencils. I wanted the paint to be quite subtle, so I used a pastel – but you can do brown or black if you really want it to be visible.

DIY breakfast tray - Kittenhood

  • so adorable!

  • S.

    I love the idea!!

  • bah! SO charming!

  • What a great idea!!! Mmmmm…BREAKFAST!!

  • Super cool! I really like how it turned out! 🙂

  • Ester

    You’re always so creative, Daria! I never get enough of your DIYs! 🙂

    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

    • thank you, Ester! It’s so nice to get some feedback once in a while, cause I never really know 🙂