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Sakura in Berlin - Kittenhood

Pepa Loves sweater (c/o) + Studio Ghibli souvenir jacket + Monki skirt 

A surprising fact about Berlin is that it actually has lots of Japanese cherry trees. They were a gift from Japan at the fall of the Berlin wall in 1990 (read more here) and they’re a symbol of friendship between the two countries. In an attempt to cure my ever-longing for Japan, I obviously had to take pictures with the German sakura! 

To keep up with the theme and with the rays of sunshine finally making an appearance, I took out my souvenir jacket. It’s inspired by Haku from Spirited Away, and it’s spring perfection. I never thought I’d be a dragon-jacket-wearing-girl, yet here I am! Another first is this striped sweater from Pepa Loves. I usually don’t like unpractical items such as a sweater with short sleeves, but this fabric is more of a thick t-shirt, so it works very well this time of the year! I picked it because I want to amp my stripe game – for too long I’ve favored polka dots to stripes, leaving my wardrobe lacking. Needless to say, it goes super well with denim. 

P.S. Transitional hair, ugh! 

Stripes + denim - Kittenhood Souvenir jacket - Kittenhood Sailor top - Kittenhood Haku souvenir jacket - Kittenhood Stripes + souvenir jacket - Kittenhood Pepa Loves top - Kittenhood Denim skirt - Kittenhood