Pink Shirt - Kittenhood

Currently wearing – pink & green at the Botanical Garden

Pink Shirt - Kittenhood

Pepa Loves shirt (c/o) + Tallulah Fontaine pins + skirt bought in Japan + Bianco shoes 

It’s so nice to finally see some signs that spring did not, after all, forget about us. I couldn’t take another day wearing my winter coat and was vaguely considering either risking pneumonia or packing my bags and moving to a warm place. Which, in a way, I did. The greenhouses at the Botanical Garden are beautiful and lively in every season but right now they really shine. The camellias are in full bloom and I had no idea they looked so gorgeous! Plus, in a classic case of ‘who wore it best’, they totally matched my outfit. 

I am very excited to wear this pink shirt from Pepa Loves through the upcoming months. I don’t have any other one so boxy in shape and I like that you can still tuck it in a high-waisted bottom. The subtle details on the back and chest keep it interesting, and the woven fabric doesn’t need ironing (yess!). I paired it with my faithful no-name green skirt for color contrast and accessorized the collar with ‘Truest One’ pins designed by Tallulah Fontaine, which my husband and I wore at our wedding. I can’t remember the last time I shared so many outfit pictures so scroll down at your own leisure. 

Botanische Garten Berlin - Kittenhood Pink Pepa Loves Shirt - Kittenhood How I wore pink & green at the Botanical Garden - Kittenhood Pepa Loves Blouse - Kittenhood How I wore pink & green at the Botanical Garden - Kittenhood Tallulah Fontaine Pins - Kittenhood Pink Shirt + Collar Pins - Kittenhood