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Leather gloves - Kittenhood

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When I first visited Berlin in 2013, it was summer. Sure, it was slightly colder than Romania was at the time, but there were plenty of things to distract me from the weather (cue all the museums, gigs, Instagrammable cafes, restaurants, and people that the city is known for). It was enough to steal my heart and have me pack my bags and move here two years later. But nothing had prepared me for the infamous Berlin winter. 

Winter here is harsh. It’s not Nordic-harsh, but it’s still pretty tough. One minute you’re swimming in the lake and grilling on Tempelhof, the next you just want to stay inside with warm drinks and TV shows for an entire season. I’ve been a fan of impractical clothes for years (and if you’ve been following the blog for a while, you’ve probably wondered once or twice how come I wasn’t wearing pants while posing in the snow), but lately I’ve been gravitating towards the other direction. I need warm stuff! That means scarves the size of blankets, wool-blend anything, and, yes, shearling gloves. 

Gloves by Hungant - Kittenhood Leather bag & gloves - Kittenhood

I received these gloves a few weeks ago, just as the weather became unexpectedly cold and I had to retire my bike (and my non-layered outfits) for the year. They quickly become essential to my bag, because they’re extremely warm. The gloves are fully lined with shearling, which makes them just a little chunky. That is, however, nicely balanced out by the bow detail, which keeps them feminine. These pictures were taken on different days and places – a touristy visit to the Funkturm tower on a very windy day, a weekend brunch with barely there sun rays, a rainy Wednesday in a co-working space – because, like I said, I’ve been wearing them a lot.

The gloves are made by hand in a factory in Transylvania. It’s actually a fascinating process I had no idea about. Hungant make tons of different styles and colors, for both men and women, and offer a good range of sizes (this is the first time a pair of gloves fits my short fingers perfectly). If warmth is not your number one concern, they also have more delicate designs, such long, retro gloves that would go beautifully with a 3/4 sleeve coat. Needless to say, they make a very good Christmas gift for anyone on your list! I have at least one person in my household who could use warm hands. I won’t give any names, but you know who it is. 

Hungant leather gloves - Kittenhood