Handmade dress with polka dots - Kittenhood

Currently wearing– Handmade neoprene dress by Szyjemy Sukienki

Handmade dress with polka dots - Kittenhood

Handmade dress c/o Szyjemy Sukienki – Photos by Dacian Groza 

Polish brand Szyjemy Sukienki is very dear to me because they were the ones who made my wedding dress. I discovered them while I was desperately browsing the web for a beautiful, simple, affordable white dress – and if you’ve ever tried that, you know that it can lead to many dead ends. But not in this case – I got just the dress I wanted, and now I got one more as a bonus! The vintage-inspired label is Polish and you’ll find an array of desirable handmade dresses on their website. You know what, I dare you not to fall in love with (at least) one! 

While this guy I’m spending my life with thinks this particular polka dot dress is too costumey, I just love it (man repeller much?). It’s made of neoprene fabric, which is cozy enough for a girl to take pictures in even when it’s autumn. The skirt falls beautifully because of the fabric weight, and don’t get me started on the twirling possibilities! So here is a small window into what Berlin looks like this time of the year: the leaves starting to change color, the girls eternally taking outfit photos, the concrete aging nicely. 

Berlin architecture - Kittenhood Szyjemy Sukienki polka dot dress - Kittenhood Polka dot dress - Kittenhood Handmade dress with polka dots - Kittenhood Szyjemy Sukienki polka dot dress - Kittenhood Szyjemy Sukienki polka dot dress - Kittenhood

  • Lovely dress! 🙂 And costumey in a good way. I actually went to see a play with this theme; all costumes with big polka dots and stipes, and it looked fantastic! 😉

    • I’m glad to hear that! What was the play?

  • Beautiful dress and photos! 🙂