ClubCouture giveaway winner!

I’m sure you guys remember that ClubCouture and I launched a Giveaway last week. The prize is a $25 gift card in their shop, and it’s now time to find out who won. There were 41 valid entries, out of which only one can be the next top gift card winner 🙂

And the winner is Anna Lacsamana, the 6th comment in the list! Her favorite item was the pink floral lace dress! Anna, you will soon be contacted by either myself or ClubCouture, to learn everything about how you can get your prize! Congrats!

  • Kayla

    In the 6th comment it’s only a e-mail cause she forgot to put her e-mail in the first comment this is unfair she had two entryes only because she forgot!

    • hi keyla, you’re right, but she got 2 entries because the first one was about her liking clubcouture on FB and she used the same entry to say she also liked kittenhood. so I considered both number 5 and 6 as hers. it was confusing for me at first, but I double checked and she’s the winner!

      • so sorry for this confusion 🙁
        but its a good thing you explained this.
        im sorry i didn’t know it would look as if i cheated 🙁 Really didn’t mean too. So sorry.

  • Omigosh! Thank you so much!!! THANK YOU!
    Going to buy my favourite item very soon! 😀
    And I cannot wait!
    Really happy i never win coz im always unlucky with this random draws
    so Thank you again for giving me such an amazing gift card!

    • you’re very welcome Anna, hope to see you again on the blog – there will be more giveaways soon 🙂

      • that’s awesome!
        Been checking out your whole website ive got to say you have an incredible style and talent making handmade accessories. AMAZING!

        thank you again! 🙂