Changing clothes with strangers

This evening I went to an event that took place in a nearby pub, where several girls brought 5 pieces of clothing that they didn’t want anymore, in order to exchange them for others. It was a bit chaotic, as it was the first edition of the event, but the girls from FlashMe did their best to organize everything and please everyone. That is actually quite difficult to achieve, since they were so many different sizes and different tastes. I gave away all of my five pieces, returning home with four tops. My suggestion for the following editions would be to have the clothes carefully selected at the beginning, to avoid people leaving unhappy. Did you ever go to such an event? Thoughts?

After yesterday’s rainy weather, today was sunny enough for me to wear my new Romwe dress. I’ve been dying to wear it, because I love the small roses print, it has such a shabby chic feel! Not to mention the adorable details, like the lacey collar and pearly buttons! I have to say the fabric is very soft and it is pleasant to wear. Just as I was expecting the dress in the mail, I saw it on Bonnie from Flashes of style, which only aggravated my excitement – plus it looked adorable on her!

I’m wearing a Romwe dress, Pieces handbag, Primark tights, BB-up oxfords.
Rings from Maia Grozavescu and Romwe
I will post a bunch of photos with this outfit, because today I took advantage of my very own personal guru in photography and photography accessories, I tell you what.
Colorful blazer – no name
Rings – mentioned above. Scratches by Lizzi.

  • biancamuresan

    frumoaso! 🙂

  • I am in love with the floral print dress and its collar. So vintage and feminine. I heard about this event, Schimba Hainele, but I’ve never participated. I can’t seem to let go of my old clothes, even if I don’t wear them anymore.

    • I can understand that, all of my clothes are my favorites 🙂 but there are some that I just never wear and they seem wasted…

  • I would love to go to one of those clothes swaps..It would be so fun…what kind of tops did you come home with?? Love this dress..the print is darlin and that collar <3…
    also love that you love the do 🙂 I dont know alot of people who know them so you mde my day x

    • I got two shirts, a vest and a long sleeve, maybe I’ll put them on the blog.
      I listened to all of your “playlist” and loved it 🙂

  • adorable!
    i’ve never been to this type of event, i think i would get crazy out of there 🙂

    ps: do you know when the next vintage/handmade fair would be in Cluj? i mean fair, not the changing type.
    a dreamer.

    • There is one on the 16th, in Gambrinus – I’ll be there 🙂

  • Am fost si eu, am lasat cele 5 haine si 5 umerase si am plecat acasa cu 2 maieuri (dintre care unul era murdar, am observat acasa) si 3 umerase.. Nu a fost foarte okei. Nu aveai cum sa vezi daca sunt murdare sau nu la lumina aia. Sper ca editia viitoare sa fie mai okei organizata si sa verifice hainele inainte 🙂

    • pacat, mai ales ca s-aspecificat ca hainele sa fie curate…

    • Gloria

      Buna fetelor. Denisa imi pare rau, ca nu esti multumita. Nici eu n-am apucat sa-mi iau decat o chestie si am dat vreo 4. A fost un pic altfel decat ne-am imaginat si data viitoare o sa avem grija sa fie cum trebuie. O sa se predea hainele si o sa le verificam si o sa ne ocupam noi de aranjat si tot. si acum vroiam sa facem la fel, dar, unele fete au venit mai repede si au inceput sa ne ajute, si pt ca stiam ca o sa fiti ft multe am acceptat si pana la urma au intrat toate. Ne-a convenit, pentru ca altfel se statea foarte mult afara si atunci asta ar fi fost marea problema. dar data viit se va sta mai mult afar si veti avea ocazia sa si degustati sa si povestiti sa va si uitati printre reviste.

      si data viitoare vom lua doar fete care sunt dispuse sa renunte oricum la hainele pe care le aduc.

      legat de umerase, ne-au ramas o gramada – o sa poti sa-ti iei si data viitoare daca vii, daca nu zi-mi si-ti aducem.:)
      Unele fete au stat pana la sfarsit si chiar si-au mai luat chestii. am si ramas cu multe, pe care le vom da …

  • Cinnamon

    I went only to yard sales before, never to swaps. For me it would have been difficult to chose only 5 pieces, I have an entire stash I don’t wear anymore but they are too cute to just throw away and I don’t have the nerves to sell them on ebay anymore…

    I hope they organize it better next time, pray show us your finds!