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10 handmade advent ideas

There are still a few days left before December hits. You know what that means: spending your weekend finding a last-minute advent calendar! To make your search a little easier, I’ve rounded up 10 handmade advent calendars, some of which you can make yourself, and others you can buy:

DIY minimalist advent by Hello Blogzine
Make: Minimalist advent by Hello Blogzine
Made with craft boxes and downloadable minimalist designs, this advent is quick and easy and really beautiful.
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Buy: Cubes advent calendar by Snug Studio
Buy: Cubes advent calendar by Snug Studio
This geometric calendar is stylish and subtle, while still playing on the traditional color palette.
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Edible advent calendar by Kittenhood
Make: Edible advent calendar by Kittenhood
If baking is your cardio, make these number-shaped cookies and hang them as an advent.
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Buy: Scandinavian advent calendar by Good Wishes Quilts
Buy: Scandinavian advent calendar by Good Wishes Quilts
This looks nice and cozy, it's easy to hang anywhere, and it has 24 pockets to fill with goodies.
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Countdown candle by The Merrythought
Make: Countdown candle by The Merrythought
It doesn't get any easier: download the printable calendar and stick it to a candle, then cut off the days as they go by.
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Buy: Advent calendar by Nice Nice Nice
Buy: Copper advent calendar by Nice Nice Nice
These beautiful candle holders are made of copper and they feature perforated numbers. Could totally be used year round.
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DIY copper calendar by Growing Spaces
Make: Copper calendar by Growing Spaces
This is a really impressive, grown-up advent. The copper and minimalist arrangement make it a true design object.
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Buy: Box advent calendar by Vintage Modern Mix
Buy: Box advent calendar by Vintage Modern Mix
You can fit plenty of treats in those boxes, each marked with numbers and a pretty retro illustration.
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Make: Hexagon advent calendar by Oh Happy Day
Make: Hexagon advent calendar by Oh Happy Day
The unusual color palette and the pretty hexagons design make this modern and absolutely wonderful to look at.
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Buy: Advent calendar by For Your Little Monkey
Buy: Advent calendar by For Your Little Monkey
This one has printed canvas bags, string and clothespins. You only need the sweets to make it an advent calendar.
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Lazzari back to school FW 15 | Kittenhood

Lazzari back to school, FW15

Lazzari back to school FW 15 | Kittenhood

Italian brand Lazzari is all about cuteness and memorable lookbooks. I’ve been following them for almost as long as I’ve been blogging and I don’t remember ever being disappointed with their collections. This season, they’re going back to school with lovely collars, retro backpacks, and the sweetest prints imaginable. It almost makes you want to pick up your best dress & cardigan combination and start doing some homework. 

Lazzari back to school FW 15 | Kittenhood Lazzari back to school FW 15 | Kittenhood Lazzari back to school FW 15 | Kittenhood Lazzari back to school FW 15 | Kittenhood Lazzari back to school FW 15 | Kittenhood

Computer illustration by Alice Strete | Kittenhood


Computer illustration by Alice Strete | Kittenhood

Illustration by Alice Strete for Kittenhood

First of all, a big thanks to all of you who took the time to fill in my reader survey! It’s been really helpful to learn about your likes and dislikes, and I feel encouraged to keep investing time in this blog. I’ve already started implementing some of your suggestions, and I gonna go through some of the things you guys mentioned in your answers: 

Favorite sections 

As expected, the most popular sections are outfit posts and DIYs. However, I was surprised to see Weekend Marvels as a close second. I was planning on reducing it to once/month, but since you guys like it so much, I’ll post more often. 

And since most of you seem to be interested in fashion as a topic, I’ve started a few new sections to include your suggestions: remix posts and 10 ways to wear (so far, but who knows what else is coming!). Anything else you’d like to see here? Feel free to suggest topic ideas for Style Files and Visual Comparison as well, both sections I plan on keeping.

Additionally, I’ve started a monthly challenge, #kittenhoodstyle, which I hope as many of you as possible will join. It’s easy: you just have to post an outfit inspired by the main picture and tag it #kittenhoodstyle. 

I’ve also seen an interest in travel tips, so I started with the big post on MilanI also plan on putting together a guide to my city, because it’s one of the questions I most often get from readers. Coming soon!

Least favorite sections

Many of you were very sweet, saying they like every section of the blog. Thank you! However, some of you aren’t very excited about lookbooks and Put Some Color On. They’re no longer going to be weekly sections, but rather an occasional occurrence. 

I realize not all of you are into food posts either, and it’s something I knew to begin with. Do recipes belong on a fashion blog? Probably not. But as I’m trying to get better at food photography, you’ll still see some of my cooking and styling every once in a while. 

Getting personal

One of the things that came up often in your answers was getting more personal. I think I purposely stayed away from personal topics all this time, in order to somewhat protect my privacy while at the same time I was sharing photos from my house or close-ups of my face. I’m sure you are all aware that bloggers tend to “curate” everything – from the outfit pictures that make the cut to the magically effortless plates in complementary colors. In a way, you could consider this lying – we intentionally conceal parts of the truth for the sake of an image. That doesn’t mean we don’t have bread crumbles, dust bunnies, and skin breakouts. 

So my question to you is: what do you want to talk about if we were to get personal? I’d be happy to share virtually anything, and make it exciting so that you feel like contributing to the conversation. You can always comment below or on social media with your suggestions, or email me at kittenhood.dar [at] gmail [dot] com if you’re more private. So, go ahead, ask me anything!


Put some color on: couple in the 1940s

I love this kissing shot from the 1940s! The two are wearing the same Nordic-style sweater, with printed deers, and very similar jeans (which she rolled up). As tacky as couples matching their clothes usually is, I kind of like it in this instance. Must be the appeal of everything vintage, rather than something I’d like to do myself. 


Photo source – The Sartorialist | Sweater – Superdry | Jeans – J Brand | Loafers – Topshop | Socks – Monki


Weekend marvels 2/2014

Weekend marvels | Kittenhood

Watch: Dallas Buyers Club is a movie I fully recommend. Featuring Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Garner and Jared Leto (pictured, yes, pictured).

Listen: I gotta get my hands on Tricky’s latest album, I love this song!

Wear: The Pre-Fall collections got me so hooked this year! I even made a board for all the gorgeous outfits I’ve seen.

DIY: 90% of the lights where I live are ugly. You can imagine how much I’d like this one, as DIY-ed on Sugar and Cloth.


Favorite outfits of the year

There’s literally hours until 2014… What do you plan to do in the new year? I think I’ll stick to my usual resolutions, and hope for the best. Meanwhile, here are some of the things I wore in 2013 – it’s lovely to see I’ve traveled to so many different places, and I’m pretty satisfied with the hairstyle I acquired halfway through the year. Here’s to a fun 2014, cats!



Natural science museum | Pigeons



Lace & foxes | E.Thula tee



Centre Pompidou | Blue gingham



Bungay | Orange + fox



Hotel Continental | Pink dress



Berlin | By the lake



Berlin Fashion Week | Mixed prints



Bucharest | White & pink



School girl | Raincoat



White + blue | Bidimensional bag



Jewel dress | Mustard cardie



Khaki coat | Pinafore


DIY cat toe shoes - Kittenhood

13 most popular DIYs in 2013

This year, I’ve posted a tutorial almost every week, including some great guest posts (thanks again, you fantastic guest bloggers, you!). We’ve had jewelry and accessories, clothing and home decor, but looking back, these are the 13 most popular DIYs of 2013:
13 Most Popular DIYs in 2013

  1. DIY Cat Toe Shoes (by Scathingly Brilliant) – turn regular flats into cute wearable kitties.
  2. DIY Lace Necklace – an easy way to make a delicate lace accessory.
  3. DIY Woven Coaster – weave coasters using a small embroidery hoop.
  4. DIY Butterfly Nut Ring & Pin – hit the hardware store for cheap jewelry supplies.
  5. DIY Cloud Earrings – the perfect way to fight against cloudy days.
  6. DIY Pearl Gloves – keep warm & chic with a sweet refashion.
  7. Pistachio Jewelry – 3 jewelry ideas using pistachio shells & nail polish.
  8. DIY Heart Beads Brooch (by Vixy Blue) – a romantic brooch made with repurposed materials.
  9. DIY Teardrop Earrings – galvanized thimbles make the perfect frame for earrings.
  10. DIY Cross Stitch Clay Pins – cross stitch looks great on unexpected frames, such as clay.
  11. DIY Industrial Style Pendant Light (by Jade and Fern) – transform an old fan into a modern lamp.
  12. DIY Watermelon Shoes – a taste of summer on your shoes.
  13. DIY Heart T-shirt – upgrade a tee with recycled fabric.




Top 3 Teen Bloggers

Teen bloggers are a special category. They’re even more amazing than “regular” bloggers, because they do so much as such a young age. I’m looking at you, Tavi! But, if you think about it, it makes sense: they grew up with Tumblr (and the internet in general), so it’s natural that they’d reach a higher point faster than older people, who are still getting the hang of this whole computer thing (will it last? must I learn it?). Here are three teen fashion bloggers that I love following – they’re all beautiful, talented and inspiring, as I’m sure you’ll soon realize:

1. Misia of Chinchilla Love

chinchilla love

I’ve mentioned Misia on the blog before, just because every one of her posts make me smile. She is 16 and lives in Warsaw, Poland. Her photographs are impeccable, and she’s into old things, Scandinavia, cats and Astrid Lindgren, among other things. I think she could/should model professionally.

2. Kiki of The Imaginist

the imaginist

How many ways of covering your face in pictures can you think of? Kiki can think of many. It’s a bit strange not being able to ever see her facial features on her blog, but I kind of like the mystery. Her outfits, like her photography, are minimal and very well put together. She is 19 and she lives in Hong Kong, by the way.

3. Esther of Esther From the Sticks

esther from the sticks

I’ve only recently started following Esther, but I know that she’s a keeper in my Bloglovin’. 18 and living in Indiana, she is on the verge of becoming a fashion designer. She makes pretty clothes which she sells on Etsy, and her photos are filled with stories and life.

What was your passion in your teen years?