Thom Browne Resort 2017 | Kittenhood

Thom Browne Resort 2017 collection

Thom Browne Resort 2017 | Kittenhood

I never thought I’d post a Thom Browne collection on this here blog (or even a resort one for that matter). And yet here we are. The resort collection is a nod to mid-century Americana, and it’s unlike anything the designer has shown before. I mean, look at those bags, shaped like adorable animals and toys! Look at those mismatched socks. And the anchor-shaped heels on those pumps or the tricolor ribbon bows on the brogues..? Not to mention the pastels! That group shot with the dachshund bags could just as well be the poster to Wes Anderson’s next film. 

Thom Browne Resort 2017 | Kittenhood Thom Browne Resort 2017 | Kittenhood Thom Browne Resort 2017 | Kittenhood Thom Browne Resort 2017 | Kittenhood Thom Browne Resort 2017 | Kittenhood Thom Browne Resort 2017 | Kittenhood

My Miffy Collection | Kittenhood

My Miffy collection

My Miffy Collection | Kittenhood

Once upon a time, I had a blog section called “blogger’s collection”. You might remember that if you’re an ancient reader. It was a way to promote bloggers I liked while also getting a peek inside their homes via the things they were collecting. (It was so much easier to reach other bloggers back then when everyone wasn’t modelling for high fashion brands!) The collections were really random: vintage nightgowns, brooches, notebooks. I’ve always been interested in collections and I’ve always collected stuff, so I decided to do somewhat of a revival of that old section, this time showing you some of the things I keep around. Not anything big and elaborate – just some subjects I can never resist. 

2016-02-11 16.08.11

I became an instant fan of Miffy when I saw her tiny adorable face in a plane magazine some years back. My first find was the teaspoon, which appeared by surprise in a bin full of dishes at the flea market. The cute bunny is originally Dutch, so when I visited Amsterdam for the first time I went nuts. You could buy stuff almost everywhere, but I really wanted to see the Miffy (aka Nijntje) shop that was far from any other objectives. Found it and, of course, it was closed. So I had to go again. I did that for her. I ended up getting a button and a music box. 

Miffy Music Box | Kittenhood Miffy Cookie Cutters | Kittenhood

I found the cookie cutters on Amazon and went completely nuts again. They were just $2, and they’re still available. I don’t know how something so simple can be so painfully cute. So I made Miffy cookies last Easter and I’ll probably make them again this Easter, and on any occasion I can find. Oh yeah, and a picture of the cookies is still my iPhone wallpaper now (and you can get it, too). 

Since 2015 was Miffy’s 60th anniversary, many brands launched special celebratory lines. More stuff for me! I found the Miffy t-shirt at Uniqlo, and I got the panties as a gift (they’re from Primark). Obviously, my collection is tiny, but I’m quite certain I can make it grow. On top of my wishlist is this amazing lamp that I can’t really justify buying. 

Miffy T-Shirt | Kittenhood



Sunday Grammin’: Juniperfoxx

This blog may be called “kittenhood”, but I’ve never shied away from a little fox loving. So when I discovered @juniperfoxx a while back, I was really excited for all the cuteness that would follow. Juniper is a fox living with humans (and a dog) and the photos make it look like owning a fox is pure fun. But the human behind the account makes sure to warn people that’s not the case, and I love that. You can read some not-so-cute facts about domesticated foxes here – it’s never just fluffy fur and puppy eyes. It may seem like it’s just a happy combination between a cat and a dog, but it’s not. Still, I would like to get a chance to pet her, you know? So follow along if you want to see a fox in a sweater, flower crown, or just being her charming, furry self. 
Sunday Grammin: Juniper Foxx | Kittenhood

All photos from @juniperfoxx on Instagram.