DIY pizza embroidered shoes | Kittenhood

DIY pizza embroidery shoes

DIY pizza embroidered shoes | Kittenhood

If you’re human, you probably love pizza. Heck, even if you’re a cat who got online and accidentally found my blog while searching for ways to deal with its kittenhood issues, you still probably love pizza. It’s comfort food, it’s mobile food, it’s party food, it’s netflix and chill food. You don’t mind if you have to eat it again, cold, the next morning. So you probably wouldn’t mind wearing a homage on your shoes, either. Let’s get to work! 

Embroidery shoes | Kittenhood

What you need: 

  • espadrilles or canvas shoes 
  • embroidery thread in red, yellow, brown 
  • embroidery needle
  • trick marker 
  • scissors

Embroidery shoes | Kittenhood

Start by filling the tops of the shoes with paper or cloth to make a relatively straight surface to draw on. Then draw a slice of pizza on each shoe. I free-handed mine, without worrying very much about it looking neat – the trick marker disappears by itself after a few hours. I started with a triangle rounded at the small side, then added a scallop detail on the rounded side. I drew a couple of circles and half circles inside, then added the dripping cheese effect. 

Pizza embroidery | Kittenhood

Thread your needle with the brown color. To make it look more natural, I paired a brown thread with a beige one. Make a small knot and, starting from the inside of the shoes, stitch the crust of the pizza slice. Try to make most of the stitches on the outside, so the thread inside doesn’t bother your feet.

Pizza embroidery | Kittenhood

In a similar way, embroider the pizza itself. For this part, I used a beige thread and a yellow one together. 

Pizza embroidery | Kittenhood

Finally, you can fill in the tomato slices. For this step, I used red and pink thread together. Repeat for the other shoe and you’re ready to go out for pizza! This project took me about 1 1/2 hours, but you could make it faster or slower, depending on your sewing skills. Enjoy! 

DIY pizza embroidered shoes | Kittenhood DIY pizza embroidered shoes | Kittenhood



DIY Faux Fur Hat | Kittenhood

DIY faux fur hat

 DIY Faux Fur Hat | Kittenhood

One vivid smell from my childhood is that of my mom’s fur hat coming from the winter cold. It’s a scent I often remember when I smell my cat right after she comes inside, and it’s fresh and comforting. I don’t own any fur items (except for this; cat doesn’t count), but I do like the look of it on collars, hats and sometimes coats. Long story short, I bought some faux fur and visualized making this hat in my mind. Turns out – it’s not that difficult to make!

DIY Faux Fur Hat | Kittenhood

What you need:

  • faux fur
  • scissors
  • fabric for lining
  • measuring tape
  • sewing machine

DIY Faux Fur Hat | KittenhoodDIY Faux Fur Hat | Kittenhood DIY Faux Fur Hat | Kittenhood

DIY faux fur hat:

Measure the circumference of your head, add 1-2 cm seam allowance and write it down (mine was 56). Cut a piece of fur with the length equal to that number, and the width of 12 cm.

To make the top of the hat, you need a fur circle. The diameter of this circle is the number you wrote down divided by π (3.14). In my case, this was 56/3.14=17.83. Add an extra 3-4 cm seam allowance, and cut your circle.

Use the same measurements to cut the lining fabric.

DIY Faux Fur Hat | Kittenhood DIY Faux Fur Hat | Kittenhood DIY Faux Fur Hat | Kittenhood DIY Faux Fur Hat | Kittenhood

Stitch the fur rectangle to the fur circle, on the wrong side of the fabric, all around. Then stitch the ends of the rectangle together. Do the same for the lining, and you get a lining hat.

With the fur hat and the lining on the wrong side of the fabric, stitch them together almost all around, leaving 5-6 cm open. Turn the whole hat on the right side through that hole, and stitch the remaining piece by hand.

DIY Faux Fur Hat | KittenhoodDIY Faux Fur Hat | Kittenhood

DIY fox shoes - Kittenhood

DIY fox shoes

DIY fox shoes - Kittenhood

I know you guys loved the DIY cat shoes, so when I saw these reddish-brown colored shoes I immediately thought: fox. I’ve been eying such foxy heels over on Modcloth and other quirky shops, so I decided to make my own in what took about half an hour. The only thing I didn’t think in advance was the glue – do use one that’s good for leather instead of a glue gun like I did! The latter tends to be very sensitive to friction, and since you’re going to wear your fox shoes all the time…

DIY fox shoes - Kittenhood

What you need:

  • fox colored shoes
  • scissors
  • leather
  • permanent marker
  • strong glue (for leather)

How to:

DIY fox shoes - Kittenhood DIY fox shoes - Kittenhood DIY fox shoes - Kittenhood

Begin by cutting four equal triangles out of leather – the ears. Follow with two circle halves, which will become the noses. Make sure they’re proportionate in size and that you place them symmetrically before you glue them – which is the next step. Once you’re done with the leather pieces, use a marker to draw the eyes. And that’s that!

But beware, your feline friend may not be as excited about the new critters in the house – see below.



DIY fur clutch from hat

DIY Fur Cluch from a Hat | Kittenhood

I don’t know what the situation is where you live, but growing up, all the fathers in my country virtually wore the same fur hat. While women’s hats were mostly round, men’s were rather aerodynamic. They had that very specific, folded look, when not on someone’s head. I never liked them. Not until I realized that every one of these vintage hats could be turned into a DIY fur clutch. And it’s as simple as adding a zipper to a hat – which is like, basic DIY level, right?

How to Make a Fur Clutch | Kittenhood

What you need:

  • vintage fur hat
  • zipper
  • thread and needle
  • pins

How to Make a Fur Clutch | Kittenhood Turn a Fur Hat Into a Clutch | Kittenhood DIY Fur Clutch | Kittenhood

Measure your hat and find the zipper length to suit it. You can make it neutral, like I did, or choose a bright neon to pop. Next, pin the zipper to the hat and see how it fits. When it fits, stitch into place. I used my hands, because I didn’t want to risk combining the sewing machine with fur. I suppose you can also use a glue gun to put the two together. If you decide to stitch, make it thorough, so it lasts. That’s pretty much it! Since the hat already had a lining, I didn’t alter it in any other way (although inside pockets could come in handy).

DIY Fur Clutch | Kittenhood Fur Clutch & Fox Hat | Kittenhood

DIY Denim Maxi Skirt to Pinafore - Kittenhood

DIY Denim Maxi Skirt to Pinafore

DIY Denim Maxi Skirt to Pinafore - Kittenhood DIY Denim Maxi Skirt to Pinafore - Kittenhood

I’ve been planning this project for some time, but I never found the proper skirt to work with. Here it is now, an old and ugly H&M number I found in a second hand shop. If you want to try this yourself, look for a skirt that is: long enough (preferably maxi), fitted at your waist and with a lateral closure. Otherwise things will become more complicated (taking it in, adding a zipper etc.) and no one wants that.

DIY Denim Maxi Skirt to Pinafore - Kittenhood

What you need:

  • maxi skirt (as described above)
  • sewing machine
  • scissors
  • two buttons

  DIY Denim Maxi Skirt to Pinafore - Kittenhood DIY Denim Maxi Skirt to Pinafore - Kittenhood DIY Denim Maxi Skirt to Pinafore - Kittenhood

Start by trying on the skirt and marking the new length you want. Cut through and hem. Using the denim fabric you cut off, make the front of the pinafore, a rectangular. Make use of the already available hems as much as possible to ease your work (like I did for the upper part). Hem it and try it one before sewing it to the skirt.

 DIY Denim Maxi Skirt to Pinafore - Kittenhood DIY Denim Maxi Skirt to Pinafore - Kittenhood DIY Denim Maxi Skirt to Pinafore - Kittenhood DIY Denim Maxi Skirt to Pinafore - Kittenhood  

With your skirt on, measure how long the straps should be. It would be helpful if someone else could do the measuring for you. Don’t forget that the straps have to cross at the back.

Cut two denim pieces of that length, with the width being twice the strap width + 2 cm seam allowance. Fold and pin throughout the length, as seen above. Iron a bit, and then use the zig-zag setting on your machine to stitch along each strap.

DIY Denim Maxi Skirt to Pinafore - Kittenhood

Try the whole thing on again and stitch the straps at the lower back. Cross them and mark the spot where your buttons should be. Stitch the buttons and make the corresponding buttonholes on the chest.

DIY Denim Maxi Skirt to Pinafore - Kittenhood

DIY watermelon shoes - Kittenhood

DIY Watermelon shoes

DIY watermelon shoes - Kittenhood

Watermelon is not yet in full season here – we’ve got a few weeks to go – and I’m obviously craving it. When I saw these cheap but cute canvas loafers in a local store, I knew what their new look was gonna be: watermelon shoes. Making these requires a little textile paint, but no painting skills. As long as you mask the right areas at the right time, you can’t go wrong! And trust me, you won’t be taking these off aaall summer long. In a good way. Not in a stinky feet way. 

DIY watermelon shoes - Kittenhood

What you need:

  • light colored shoes
  • textile paint in red, green, black
  • paintbrushes
  • tape
  • newspapers

dsc_3286 DIY watermelon shoes - Kittenhood DIY watermelon shoes - Kittenhood DIY watermelon shoes - Kittenhood

First thing, fill the shoes with crinkled newspaper. This will keep the canvas straight (mine had an elastic, so this was a must). Then, mask the sole and the back of the shoe. Paint the red part of each one.

When the first color is dry, mask it and paint with your second color: green. When that is done, you can make the watermelon seeds with a thin paintbrush and black paint. Let them dry completely before removing the tape from the sole. If paint bled onto the sole, remove it carefully with an ear stick soaked in water. That’s it!

DIY watermelon shoes - Kittenhood

DIY cat toe shoes - Kittenhood

Guest post: DIY Cat Toe Shoes

DIY cat toe shoes | Kittenhood

Hi! I’m Kate and I blog at Scathingly Brilliant. For my guest post I’m doing a little DIY for all the cat ladies (myself included!) I love the cap-toe trend but I think cat-toes are even better, right? This project is super simple and only took me about 15 minutes tops!

cat toe shoes materials

Materials needed: Shoes (preferably plain with a round-toe and enough room at the front for a cap-toe effect), black paint, brushes, masking tape, white paint and a white marker pen if you don’t have a very steady hand with a brush.

how to make cat toe shoes

First, tape off the tops of the shoes. Really press hard on the tape so that none of your paint will seep through.
diy cat toe shoes
Paint the tops of the shoes black. I did three coats to get a really opaque color but I also wasn’t using the best acrylic paint lol. If you’re using a quality brand name paint one coat should do the trick!
diy cat shoes
When the paint is dry, peel off the tape and add little triangles for ears. You can use painters tape for this too if you aren’t good with freehand.
cat flats
 For the eyes, I put a straight-pin in the eraser of a pencil to make a little dotting tool! Dip this lightly in the white paint, and add your eyes. If you mess up, you can always paint over it with black and try again 🙂 To make my cats have some more character, I went back and added a second little black dot in the corner of the white to give the illusion that the cats are looking off to the side.
paint cat shoes
 Using an opaque white paint marker — or a fine brush and white paint — add whiskers and a nose!
DIY cat toe shoes | Kittenhood
 And voila! Pretty little cat toe shoes. If you want a more subtle cat look, you can always skip the face and just have the ears, which would be cute too! You can also play around with the colors and maybe even paint a tail on the back of the shoe!

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