Camping with Poler Stuff | Kittenhood

Camping with Poler Stuff

Camping with Poler Stuff | Kittenhood

I irremediably fell in love with Poler Stuff as soon as I saw their “two man tent” in floral print. What a beauty! I followed up by browsing their entire website, pinning every object there, and dreaming of the most Instagram-worthy camping trip ever. Now I admit, it’s been a while since I last slept in a tent, but Poler really makes me wanna start doing that again. For crying out loud, they have sleeping bags that you can actually walk in and take your arms out! Backpacks that you can fold into a fanny back! A cooler that doubles as a camera bag! Hammocks! Basically all the cool stuff, in really cool prints.

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Pasteis de Nata & Gelato | Kittenhood

Behind the scenes: early summer

Rose bushes | Kittenhood

We’ve had some extreme heat the past couple of days, but you know what? I’m not even complaining. After such a long and grey winter, I’m happy with every bit of summer I can get. Be warned: if you ever visit Berlin, it should be in summer. That’s when the city reaches its full potential of events, picnics, flowers, lakes, produce, and everything else that makes for an easy living. These photos are just partial evidence. 

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#berlinbynumbers | Kittenhood

#berlinbynumbers Instagram project

#berlinbynumbers | Kittenhood #berlinbynumbers | Kittenhood

On the first day of June, I happened to be cycling in the sun, noticing for the hundredth time that street numbers here are pretty impressive. There’s just tons of variety around the city and good designs on almost every street! I went back a few meters to take a picture of a particularly good one, and I thought maybe one day I’ll turn this into a project. Then it hit me: it’s the first of the month, so why not start right away? So I’ve been instagramming a corresponding street number every day in June, and I plan on doing so until the end of the month. 

#berlinbynumbers | Kittenhood #berlinbynumbers | Kittenhood #berlinbynumbers | Kittenhood #berlinbynumbers | Kittenhood

The first few days were a little hard – I would leave this task for the evening, and get stuck with a bad, random shot like that 4 above. But then I became more disciplined and now I’m choosing the numbers I post more carefully. The whole thing is an exercise – in patience, in discipline, but also in moving around more and getting to know the city a little better. You can follow along on Instagram, where the dedicated hashtag is #berlinbynumbers. 

#berlinbynumbers | Kittenhood #berlinbynumbers | Kittenhood #berlinbynumbers | Kittenhood #berlinbynumbers | Kittenhood

Venezia | Kittenhood

Behind the scenes in Venice

Venezia | Kittenhood

I’ve just returned from a trip to Venice and I have some photos to share. Most of them are of details of the city, some from the neighboring island of Lido, and some of the little things that never go unnoticed (cats, sweets). The first time I visited the city in 2010, I was so mesmerized that I finished my camera battery the first day. This time, I was more focused on getting my fair share of la dolce vita, so I don’t have an overwhelming amount pf photos. Oh, and there’s something fishy about this island (no pun intended) – both times I barely managed to get out of it and almost missed my flight! 

Boat in Venice | Kittenhood Venice, Italy | Kittenhood Lace fence | Kittenhood Selfie Automaton | Kittenhood Lido beach huts | Kittenhood Venetian cat | Kittenhood Venetian Canal | Kittenhood Baci in Gondola | Kittenhood Lido huts | Kittenhood