Moody Monday: water

This inspiration post is as much about water as it is about summer. It’s about all the rivers, lakes, pools and seas that you can bathe in, giggling and being refreshed in an instant. Is there anything better than that in summer? Not that I’m a swimmer, but I find so much fun in playing with water and floating in it! What’s your summer pleasure?


Moody Monday: Crulic

It’s official: TIFF is over and I’m one year wiser. I hope I can now go back to my rhythm, both in real life and in blogging. And to do that, I thought I’d share a small project that I did for Flash Me: a visual comparison between a movie I’ve seen at the festival and street style photos. Inspiration comes from Miss Moss, who has done similar things on various occasions. The movie I picked is Crulic, a sad story about a man who’s unfairly imprisoned abroad and ends up starving himself to death. It has nothing to do with fashion, I’m well aware, but being an animation, the imagery is very suggestive. That’s how this comparison was born, and I have to say I’m pretty proud. Please click on the images for a larger view.

Street photos sources: 1., 2., 3., 4., 5., 6., 7., 8., 9., 10.

Movie stills: Crulic, The Path to Beyond.

Moody Monday: film fashion

This week, my city is crawling with films and film fans: wherever you look, wherever you go, something related to TIFF is about to pop out. So nothing is more suited for today’s Moody Monday than some film fashion. The pictures I’ve selected might be a bit cliche (or should I say, iconic?), as you all know them quite well – but there’s a reason why they’re so influential, and I hope you can appreciate that. I’ve picked movies as well as a few TV series, and I am well aware that I left out a lot of good stuff. What’s your recommendation for films that feature good fashion?


Moody Monday: mint

This color has been on my mind and in front of my eyes since late winter. I kinda have to wonder: why didn’t I notice it before? I’ve always loved pastels, but I never realized how charming mint was until I’ve seen it everywhere. Do I really need trends to come and tell me what to like? I like to think that I don’t follow trends blindly – but this one really stuck with me and I can’t seem to let it go. But there’s one thing that settles me: I know you love mint, too.

Click on each picture for the original source.


Moody Monday: traveling

I’m starting this week as a visitor to another city, Bucharest, so my mood for packing and traveling pics is at its peak. I’ve been searching the internet high and low for some inspiration, and I’ve found some delightful pictures to share with you. I’ll keep it brief, because I have a new city to enjoy – I haven’t been here in three years, so it’s safe to say I’ll be lost in a few minutes 🙂


Moody Monday: hats

A recent Garden Party that was hosted by the Romanian Royal House had an interesting dress code for the ladies: hats. I loved to see pictures of all those stylish women and their hats, which made me want to dedicate a post to this elegant accessory. Although I’m not much of a hat wearer myself, I do like to see fedoras, boater hats and those adorable pillbox hats, and I hope you do, too.

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Moody Monday: dip dye

I guess this is a major trend of the moment. While I won’t be dyeing my hair any time soon, I do feel attracted to dip dye on clothing and decor pieces. The effect is not even that hard to obtain – some of the pictures I’ve selected link to DIY tutorials, so check them out. I find this trend summery, moody, mixing old and new, and I hope it’s something you all enjoy as much as I do.

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Moody Monday: Swings

As a child, one of my favorite things was swinging. When I was very, very young, we had a swing inside my grandparents’ apartment, and as I slowly grew up, I tried every single swing in the park. I still do that sometimes, especially if it’s one of those double swings that I craved for during my childhood. This Moody Monday is dedicated to swings, since the season is perfect for some wind in the hair.

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Moody Monday: Closet organization

If you’ve ever watched Clueless, then I bet you still want to be able to pick your morning outfits on a computer. If you’ve ever watched Sex and the City, then I’m sure you want your dream man to offer you a walk-in closet as a gift. And, generally, if you’re a woman, I’m sure you can never get enough of these pictures of dreamy closets and dressing rooms, just like me.

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