Blue shirt - Kittenhood

How I wore handmade at the Bauhaus Museum

Blue shirt - Kittenhood

Thrifted shirt + The Angry Weather brooch (c/o) + Hearts and Found skirt 

The Bauhaus Archiv museum is, so far, my favorite in Berlin. I’ve visited it for the first time in 2013 (and took outfit pictures, because the building is so beautiful) and I’m still smitten with it today. It’s a must-see if you’re in Berlin! Everything I’m wearing here is part of my “basics” (i.e. signature pieces, not basic girl clothes) – the “social media shirt“, the heeled loafers I’ve had forever, those mustard tights I can’t get enough of. And, of course, some new things that I just know I’ll wear a lot. The skirt is part of a twin set I’ve had custom-made from Hearts and Found, in the prettiest fox print. I can’t wait to wear it all summer, it’s pure cuteness. As for the tulip brooch, it was an instant favorite! It’s entirely handmade by The Angry Weather from Canada. I love that it goes with a casual outfit like this one, but since it’s so elegant and delicate, it could just as well complement a fancy outfit. The timeless design makes me think it could become a family heirloom one day. Watch out – it’s part of a new collection that launches May 9th on Etsy! 

Bauhaus Archiv Berlin - Kittenhood Blue shirt - Kittenhood Hearts and Found skirt - Kittenhood Twisted hairstyle - KIttenhood The Angry Weather brooch - Kittenhood

Mustard tights - Kittenhood

How I wore a fox skirt & creepers

Black turtleneck - Kittenhood
Thirfted turtleneck & blazer + handmade skirt + Studio Ghibli pin + Urban Outfitters creepers 

The reason my teeth are coming out of my mouth laughing in the above picture? A cactus had just pinched my butt. That’s some pretty mischievous coming from such a pretty, blooming plant! But we all gotta do what we gotta do. In my case, that means accepting advances from a cactus in order to take some nice pictures. 

This is the main greenhouse at the Botanical Garden in Berlin. It’s warm and quiet, so you can walk through it for hours. Actually, the Botanical Garden is so big, we didn’t even get to see most of it, despite being there for most of the day. That leaves plenty of room for discovery, which I’m looking forward to doing in the following months. I imagine myself reading on a bench next to my cactus crush or, who knows, maybe even drawing some of the exotic leaves. 

Mustard tights - Kittenhood Botanical Garden in Berlin | Kittenhood Greenhouse Berlin - KIttenhood Botanical Garden Berlin - Kittenhood Botanical Garden in Berlin | Kittenhood Black creepers - Kittenhood

The Hair Tuck - Kittenhood

[My outfit] turtleneck dress & book clutch

Black Turtleneck - Kittenhood

Vintage dress – c/o Red Luck Vintage | Handmade clutch | Vintage rooster pin 

My new dress is from Red Luck Vintage, a small American boutique I’ve been recently introduced to. Isa, the owner, has been a pleasure to collaborate with – she even recommended some things that would look good on me. And she was right! It took about three weeks for the package to arrive in Romania, but I’m so used to this timeline when it comes to other continents. The dress was very carefully wrapped, with the belt separately, and accompanied by a handwritten note and the shop’s social media links. By the way, you can check out the shop’s Facebook for sales, new stock info or simply for inspiration.

I’ve been off turtlenecks for a while, but now I’ve started liking them again. It could have to do with this dress – it’s so demure and so 80s, it was really fun to style. This time, I paired it with one of my favorite pins – the rooster – and a handmade book clutch that I’ve got from a swapping site. To complete the librarian look: the background of the university library. Ha!

Turtleneck Dress - Kittenhood Book Clutch - Kittenhood The Hair Tuck - Kittenhood Red Luck Vintage Dress - Kittenhood

Striped Tote & Polka Dot Dress - Kittenhood

My outfit: nautical stripes & dots

Stripes & Dots - Kittenhood

Dress – flea market | Bag – c/o Aiko Threads | Shoes – Bait Footwear | Pin – flea market

I’m a big fan of tote bags – I have a whole collection – because they’re easy to carry and practical.  When I picked this bag from Aiko Threads, it was because of the nautical stripes, just perfect for my upcoming vacation (I’m going to Portugal in a couple of days!). I liked that the bottom is leather-like, which gives it more stability and makes it harder to get dirty. But then came the pleasant surprise that makes me really love this bag: it’s fully lined and it has pockets! Lots of pockets! I got to fill them with all those little things that usually get lost inside tote bags, such as lip balm and hand sanitizer, and I could separate the two items that should never be together, i.e. phone and keys. I don’t know why all totes aren’t like that. I’m so taking it with me to Portugal, it’s super practical for traveling and the beach as well!

Nautical Look - Kittenhood Striped Tote & Polka Dot Dress - Kittenhood Nautical Dress & Bag - Kittenhood Aiko Threads Tote Bag - Kittenhood


Sophster Toaster dress - Kittenhood

My outfit: nautical dress with cutout back

 Cutout dress - Kittenhood

Dress – Sophster Toaster | Tights – H&M | Shoes – New Look

I would like to begin my thanking my past self, Winter Daria, for being a thoughtful shopper. Generally, it’s not very enjoyable for me to buy something that I can’t wear right away. But following the Romanian principle of making a carriage in winter and a sleigh in summer, I took advantage of some winter sales. This dress? I’ve had it since February and I’m very excited to wear it for the first time today. It’s new, but I didn’t spend money on it. Winter Daria did. And that’s why I like her. The same goes for two pairs of sandals that are still in the box, which I got at ridiculous prices and can’t wait to finally wear. My advice to you: if you happen to find anything nice (and timeless) for winter now, go for it. You’ll be thankful come winter.

Selfie taking - Kittenhood Nautical dress - Kittenhood Twirling dress - Kittenhood Cutout back dress - Kittenhood Sophster Toaster dress - Kittenhood


My outfit: pinafore dress & yard birds

Hens Shirt & Rooster Pin - Kittenhood

Dress – c/o Biantika |  Pin – vintage fair  | Wedges – flea market 

Tomorrow marks the official beginning of spring, and like I said a dozen times before, that’s my favorite season. This pinafore dress from Biantika couldn’t have come at a better time: it makes me think of lilac blooms and nothing is better than lilac blooms. Maybe just hyacinths? While waiting for spring flowers to show themselves, the dress is quite right for wandering through the prettiest neighborhoods of the city. It’s lovely with a shirt underneath and a lighter coat on top, and the pockets remind me of little girls’ dresses. And yes, I did put a fir cone inside and regretted afterwards when my hands were dirty with resin. But after all, that’s what little girls do: they live and they learn.

Purple Dress & Lilac Tights - Kittenhood Biantika Pinafore - Kittenhood Oversized sunglasses & pixie cut - Kittenhood Back details on pinafore dress - Kittenhood Biantika Dress - Kittenhood


My outfit: brick orange & burgundy

Orange sweater burgundy skirt | Kittenhood

Sweater – handmade by mom | Shirt – thirfted | Pin – Maia Grozavescu | Boots – Wagoneer

We finally got the winter wonderland we asked for Christmas! It’s a bit late, but we’ll take it. It acts as a distraction, and we’ll enjoy it for a little while, before it starts melting and we get back to craving spring. In this white context, I finally got a pair of flat boots, after somehow managing to go with just heeled ankle booties for the past few winters. They’re not exactly snow boots, but they’re lined with faux fur and are comfortable to walk in, so they’ll do. It’s not like I’m hiking or anything!

Winter outfit | Kittenhood Playing with snow | Kittenhood Blue + orange | Kittenhood Brick orange sweater | Kittenhood Winter wonderland | Kittenhood Orange & burgundy | Kittenhood


My outfit: black, gray & burgundy

Short Hair Girl

Dress – Mona (worn with a petticoat) –  Long sleeve – thrifted 

Not to sound ungrateful or anything, but taking outfit photos is hard. You need to find the right time, the right place, the right outfit, and so on. Finding a quiet place in the city is more and more difficult with the shorter days and students back in town, so sometimes we have to settle. If you have a personal style blog, you will probably agree (I don’t know how other girls manage to do it every day?) Even though I’ve been doing this for a few years, I still cannot get used to having other people watch. I do realize that the pictures end up online, but having someone involved in the process, other than my boyfriend/photographer, is terribly awkward for me.  On this occasion, we were next to a skate park, and one boy out of a group kept making faces at me. I laughed: see photos for evidence.

Mona Dress Burgundy Sleeves Dress with Pockets Cluj Napoca Park Smiling

Handmade Sweater

My outfit: knitted sweater over sundress

French Hen & Sweater

Sweater – handmade by mom | Dress – Dear Creatures 

I think this is a very Alexa Chung kind of outfit (did you know how much I love her style?), although she’d probably wear it exclusively in neutrals. Me, I can’t seem to do it. As much as I’d like to have that minimal, versatile wardrobe, I keep being attracted to, and distracted by, pretty colors and prints. I guess style chooses us, and not the other way around? Anyway, my mom knitted me this crochet sweater out of fluffy mohair, and I love how it looks over a dress – I’ve been keeping it in my closet for ages before I’ve had this realization. I love the salmon hue, too.

Pink Blue Outfit

Dear Creatures dress

Pastel Outfit

Handmade Sweater