The Angry Weather jewelry | Kittenhood

The Angry Weather jewelry

The Angry Weather jewelry | Kittenhood

You may remember a silver tulip brooch I wore in an outfit post recently. The wonderfully delicate piece was hand made by Iveth Morales from The Angry Weather, and I’m happy to say it’s now available on Etsy! More than that, there’s an entire new collection up! I just love the pictures showing the jewelry: the white dress like a blank canvas, the green plants (which are clearly an inspiration for the line), the heavenly model. And I love the minimalist pieces! Usually with botanical inspiration, you see a lot of color and busy patterns, but The Angry Weather jewelry is somewhat quiet and subdued. Just my type. 

The Angry Weather jewelry | Kittenhood The Angry Weather jewelry | Kittenhood The Angry Weather jewelry | Kittenhood The Angry Weather jewelry | Kittenhood The Angry Weather jewelry | Kittenhood

Handmade sandals | KIttenhood

Shop handmade sandals

I don’t know about you, but I’m so ready to get my toes out. I love the comfort and effortlessness of sandals, as well as the short time of the year when I get to wear them. These are some of my current favorites, all handmade and comfortable-looking. Because it can be really hard to find a pair of comfortable sandals to live in, handmade seems like the best option – you can usually have them custom-made for your very feet! Click on each picture for more details. 

Handmade sandals | Kittenhood Handmade sandals | KittenhoodHandmade sandals | KIttenhood Handmade sandals | KittenhoodHandmade sandals | Kittenhood Handmade sandals | Kittenhood

Mules by Viders Shoes | Mustard sandals by Crupon | Low heel sandals by Katz & Birds | Blue sandals by Olive Thomas | Cross strap sandals by Leather Strata | T-bar sandals by Bangi Shop 

Homini Studio Jewelry | Kittenhood

Homini Studio jewelry

Homini Studio Jewelry | Kittenhood

Showing jewelry in a beautiful, new way is not an easy task. But it’s a task that Homini Studio managed to fulfill successfully. In their pieces, “there are no embellishments. No set stones. Once the unnecessary is eliminated, the necessary may speak. It is not an exercise of simple subtraction, but there is absolutely no excessive addition.” Hence, there’s plenty of room for imagination and play in the photos. Because you’ve already seen bejeweled body parts, but you haven’t seen hands coming out of a block of color, messing around with the most minimalist of all tools: its own fingers. 

Homini Studio Jewelry | Kittenhood Homini Studio Jewelry | Kittenhood Homini Studio Jewelry | Kittenhood Homini Studio Jewelry | Kittenhood Homini Studio Jewelry | Kittenhood


Shop handmade home textiles

Ever since I’ve moved to a new apartment, I’ve been on the lookout for ways to add color to the place. Since it’s a rental, there’s not much I can do about the white walls or the dark furniture – other than to bring in colorful textiles. These are some of the pieces I’ve had my eye on, I find them all delightfully pretty. Click on each photo to go to the product page. 

Cat rug | Kittenhood Furoshiki | Kittenhood Pillows | Kittenhood Tea towel | Kittenhood Wall weaving | Kittenhood Cactus blanket | Kittenhood

Cat rug by Bobo Choses | Furoshiki by The Link Collective | Pillow cases by Depeapa | Tea towel by Jessica Hogarth | Wall hanging by Under The Oak Tree Shop | Cactus blanket by Anna Deegan

Donna Wilson Teatime Treat | Kittenhood

Teatime Treat by Donna Wilson

Donna Wilson Teatime Treat | Kittenhood

Donna Wilson is a product designer I get back to over and over because her stuff is always amazing. She creates various things, from textiles to kitchen ware and toys, and her style is very distinct and playful. I love this very short series of photographs featuring a range of bird-themed plates (Teatime Treat). The setting is minimalist and pleasing to the eye: mosaic table, pretty plate with mouth-watering cake, faceless girl getting ready to dive in. Needless to say, either one of these plates would find a suitable place in my kitchen. And honestly, I wouldn’t mind having these photos as prints on the wall either. The plates are available here, everything else – in my dreams.

Donna Wilson Teatime Treat | Kittenhood Donna Wilson Teatime Treat | Kittenhood

Shop handmade enamel pins - I Like Cats

Shop handmade enamel pins

I’ve been eyeing a lot of enamel pins lately, and I’ve rarely seen one I didn’t like. Sure, I may already have more pins than I need in this lifetime, but do I have a cat on a pizza slice? I do not. Plus these babies are born to be worn in pairs or groups – the more, the merrier. And if you do a little research, you’ll surely find something for your taste, as obscure as it may be. These are just some examples of the ones I heart; click on each photo to get to the respective shops. 

Shop handmade enamel pins - Surfing Sloth Shop handmade enamel pins - That Noise Gallery Shop handmade enamel pins - Bash Party Goods Shop handmade enamel pins - I Like Cats Shop handmade enamel pins - Coucou Suzette Shop handmade enamel pins - Stay Home Club

Cat pin by Surfing Sloth | Birth control pin by That Noise Gallery | Ice cream pin by Bash Party Goods | Pizza pin by I Like Cats Shop | Love pin by Coucou Suzette | Sad songs pin by Stay Home Club 

Olend backpacks | Kittenhood

Ölend handmade bags for spring 2016

Olend backpacks | Kittenhood

Olend is a Barcelona-based brand making bags, and more specifically backpacks. They are inspired by travels and challenges while the bags are directly inspired by those from the 40s-50s. That translates into classic, angular shapes; sturdy, high-quality fabrics; and a hint of nostalgia. Overall, the ingredients to the perfect backpack.

I love the slightly Wes Anderson-esque mood in the pictures, with the pastel background and vaguely absurd situations the models are in. And I like how expressive the photos are, despite hiding human faces at all times. That really switches the focus to where it needs to go: the backpacks. My personal favorite is the Holden bag in mustard. Really hard to resist; but after all, who says I have to? 

Olend backpacks | Kittenhood Olend backpacks | Kittenhood Olend backpacks | Kittenhood

Shop handmade // MirDinara tea towels | Kittenhood

Shop handmade // MirDinara tea towels

Shop handmade // MirDinara tea towels | Kittenhood

I don’t know why I love tea towels. Most of the time, I think they’re too pretty to use, so they end up stuck in a closet forever. But I still can’t resist them. So, some swooning may have occurred when I discovered this cute shop called Mirdinara. Dinara Mirtalipova, who is based in the US, is the illustrator behind these beauties. However, you can clearly see her background in the things she draws. Dinara spent her childhood in Uzbekistan, and the folk fairy tales from the area are visibly inspiring her work. And if tea towels aren’t your thing – good news! Dinara also sells prints and greeting cards, which you can find in her Etsy shop

Shop handmade // MirDinara tea towels | Kittenhood Shop handmade // MirDinara tea towels | Kittenhood Shop handmade // MirDinara tea towels | Kittenhood

KAUN slippers - Kittenhood

How I wore KAUN slippers

Outfit at home - Kittenhood

Handmade sweater + Light After Dark jeans + KAUN slippers (c/o)

Slippers are the probably most underrated footwear, and it makes little to no sense! We tend to invest in fancy stilettos that we maybe wear once a year, and completely neglect the only shoes we wear on a daily basis: slippers. I’m a big fan of slippers myself because I’ve spent years working from home exclusively, needing a pair of shoes that I can rely on. So you can imagine I was pretty psyched to try the newly released KAUN slippers, which are handmade in Estonia. 

The first thing that strikes is surely the design, with visible Nordic influence. The slippers came in a cool cardboard box that I consider a fun puzzle in itself. They’re minimalist, handmade from a single piece of felt, and inspired by the pavement in its different states. Not your regular source of inspiration, am I right? The model I have is called Cross, and it takes direct inspiration from pedestrian crossings. They fit generously (I got the XS size, which corresponds to an EU 37-38 while I’m more of an EU 36-37), they’re super easy to slip in and out of, and they’re a cool design piece when they lay on the floor by themselves.

I love that they’re made of natural felt! This material is one of the few that keeps warm in winter and still allows your feet to breathe in summer. I don’t know how that’s possible, just nature working its magic. One downside is that felt tends to gather dust (and the only pets I have in this apartment are dust bunnies, you guys!) – nothing you can’t easily clean with the sponge that came with the slippers. You can learn more about KAUN slippers on their official website, and you should know that their four models are currently available to buy on Amazon

KAUN slippers - Kittenhood Handmade felt slippers - Kittenhood Handmade slippers | Kittenhood Reading outfit - Kittenhood KAUN handmade slippers - Kittenhood